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The Dialectics

The Dialectics are a live hip-hop band with 4 to 7 members. No one knows the exact number for sure, and The Dialectics refuse to issue an estimate for fear that they might leave someone out. Taking their cues from live-band acts like The Roots and Digable Planets, The Dialectics use real guitar, keys, bass and drums to breath life into break beats. They trade in samples for the spoken word. They are pioneers in the use of manual hand claps.

The Dialectics have released three EP's, Styles of Resistance (2007), Origins of Blast (2008), and Bicycle: A Transportation Communique (2010).

The Dialectics have shared the stage with Blackalicious, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Coup, Hotpipes, Nappy Roots, Cunninlynguists, Cee Know the Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Seven Mary Three, Mud Kids, Chico Felini, Villebillies, Mass Hysteria, The Running, John the Baptist, Pugz Atomz, The Pacifics, Midwest Hype, Devine Carama, DJ Intel, Symbiance, Nemo, Us Band, Attempt, Tryptamine Arkestra, Big Fresh, Marcus McFly, Tommy and the Try Tones, and The Sundown Service.

Early Dialectics shows were based on the jazz ethic of blending notes and rhythms on the fly. In recent years, The Dialectics have incorporated greater use of structure and minimalist pop sensibilities into their music without losing their critical edge. Audience participation is common, and encouraged. Whether building epic walls of sound or just banging out a crowd pleaser, The Dialectics bring it. Eric Wilkinson takes crowds through the highs and lows of postmodern experience, distilling the most prescient philosophical issues of the day. Dave Cobb drops double ill drum beats. JK-47 stuns and stunts with his turntabilism and keyboard skills.

The group is in the lab with their newest addition, soul vocalist Julia Curiel, crafting romantic lullabies inspired by Brazilian sunsets and underground Parisian sex parties. Tour dates are in the works.

History of The Dialectics

The Dialectics formed in late 2006 under the leadership of poet emcee Eric Thomas Wilkinson. Wilkinson started rapping at age 9. He released his first self-produced rap tape at age 12 under the stage name "Chilly E." Wilkinson recorded and performed throughout high school. In college, he shifted to writing and performing poetry. After performing poetry with a house jazz band at the University of Kentucky's Black Student Union "Mic Check" event, Wilkinson was inspired to form The Dialectics. Original members included Josh Fisherkeller on bass, Dave Cobb on drums, and Lane Miller on guitar.

The Dialectics played their first show at an infamous underground venue called The Ice House in Lexington, KY. The show featured the Rakadu Gypsy Dancers with installment video by Eli Scar. Following the initial show, Jai Hamilton joined the band as a supportive rapper/singer and her role in the band grew over the next couple years. Wilkinson was the primary songwriter and reveled in the opportunity to write lyrics for a young female vocalist. Renown DJ/producer JK-47 joined the band in 2007. Talented rapper Emily Bruner and bass player Nick Coleman played with the group in 2007-2009.

The Dialectics current roster features creator/rapper Eric Wilkinson, drummer and guitarist Dave Cobb, vocalist Julia Curiel and DJ/keyboard player J.K. 47.

Since The Dialectics conception, Wilkinson writes songs that theorize and deconstruct the world. One critic called Wilkinson "the first truly postmodern rapper." He has drawn inspiration from artists such as David Byrne, Beck, and Ishmael Butler (Digable Planets, Cherrywine). Wilkinson's vocal style has often been compared to Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest.

Wilkinson's poetry book, "Black through a Distortion Pedal," was published by San Francisco Bay Press on May 19, 2010. It is available for purchase at,, and independent book stores across the country.


Styles of Resistance (2007)

Origins of Blast (2008)

Bicycle: A Transportation Communique (2010)

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