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The Dusk

Alastair Gunn, founder member of The Dusk, spent more than a decade with his head wrapped around some of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. After forging a career as an astrophysicist, Gunn’s dormant creativity suddenly wrestled his logical mind to the ground – and strangled the very life out of it.

Realising there was more to life than finding its origin, its purpose or its place in the Universe, Gunn picked up a guitar, amassed a pile of electronic wizardry, and started making sounds. He gave up a life in advanced physics in pursuit of sonic perfection. He continues to make sounds; some of them great ones!

Meanwhile, James Grierson was on a similar path. Eager to find fulfilment whilst caring for the mentally ill, he too craved more. He grew vegetables. He fished for carp. He even bought a car. But it wasn’t enough. He wanted a life that was freely chosen, one unhampered by expectations or slavery to ideals. Grierson was primed for a new challenge.

A chance meeting in 2010 and The Dusk were born. Gunn and Grierson found a common purpose, complementary musical visions and an uncanny knack for choosing the best notes (and putting them in the right order). They wrote tunes. They sang. And the sound began to take on a life of its own.

Recruiting chilled-out and versatile percussionist Janssen Bostock and passionate wood-turner-come-bassist, Dave Jones, The Dusk quickly became the focus for four creative souls. They sharpened the tunes; they rehearsed; they spent all their money on guitar picks and mallets. And eventually the sound matured and congealed.

The Dusk aren’t the next big thing. They’re not the new musical revolution. They’re not the voice of angst-ridden youth. And they don’t aspire to ring in a new political order. They’re just four people who make sounds. Great sounds.