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Czech Republic

The Fall of Ghostface

We are a metal band from Opava, Czech republic.



2008 November - TFOG first establishement
2011 December - Jan (scream, vocal) became the last and current member of the family (no changes in band members afterwards)
2012 March - releasing EP DEBUT
2012 October - releasing POKEMON theme cover
2013 April - release of first OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
2013 November - release of second OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (BRUTAL ASSAULT festival)

The Fall of Ghostface consists of six members. The band itself was founded in 2008 in Opava, Czech Republic.

Current members:
Hana Sindlerova - vocals
Jan Pater - scream
Michal Oslanec - guitar
Petr Janos - guitar
Radim Kaller - drums
Adam Uvíra - bass, samples

The band is based on the symbiosis of Hana’s vocal and Jan’s scream.
In addition to that, it focuses on the authenticity of their elaborate guitar compositions, furious and at the same time almost comical solo parts of Michael and Petr and last but not least Radim’s precise drum skill. Synthetic arrangements and experiments with electronic music are considerable yet moderate part of their songs. These instrumental features are provided by their guitarist Mikeš (Michal). Mikeš has been lately collaborating with Adam who has also contributed to the today‘s character of TFOG. Moreover, coming of the new member dubbed Ozzy (Jan) who replaced Hana’s and Mikeš’s screams with his own had essential impact on the band. His presence which is characterized mainly by emotional screams, lot of energy and stimulating ideas brought about not only band’s freshness but also enabled Hana and Mikeš to focus on their own areas of expertise.

The whole group is held together by collective interest in musical process in general and a remarkable friendship that has laid extraordinary foundations for such cooperation. Even though every member is well aware of his or her tasks in the band, they are often found kidding themselves throughout their songs, stage appearance etc.

Their live show is filled with physical tension followed by a great deal of emotions. They try to absorb all the potential fans into their private world of understanding. Whether it’s a one-night-stand or a dream that takes on forever is yet to be unravelled, but every last one of them is absolutely sure that it is worth waiting to see how it eventually turns out.