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The Fens

Peter Orr (called "just a hands-down, flat-out superb performer" by the New Orleans Times-Picayune back in 2001), Pol Edmonds (whose "voice is the very epitome of downtown cool," said Rockzilla in 2003), and Tony Frickey ("a fine candidate for early release," according to a panel of state-employed psychiatrists) are the Fens. Sometimes noted New York City composer Christopher Trapani is, too, if he can't help it. We played our first gig on July 9, 1998, at which point Tony was still in kindergarten. See, he's the "new guy," since he only joined in 2006.
Hey, you know that David Dondero song, "The Real Tina Turner"? That's Pete he's talking about in the last verse. Swear to God, look it up. We're what you cal a "musician's band," which means we don't make enough "money" to become a "cult band." Being a "musician's musician" means that other musicians say things like, "The Fens? Oh, they're great. Let's steal their gig."
OffBeat reviewed one of our albums under the headline NEW ORLEANS'S BEST, AND WEIRDEST, SONGWRITERS, but they included our friend Gary Hirstius's album in the same box, so we're not sure whether we're equally superior and maladjusted or Gary's the best and we're the weirdest or what. Either way is fine by us.