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The Fiddle Chicks

Discover a powerful fusion of female vocals, fiddle-style violin music and rhythm.
The Fiddle Chicks started out as a musical experiment, creating a unique minimalist sound. From their inspiring originals to unique
arrangements of songs from the rich heritage of folk music, The Fiddle Chicks have proven themselves to be one of SA’s most endearing and
original acts. Their musical style ranges from Traditional Celtic, European, Gypsy, Blues and Roots and American Folk, but it is their
original compositions and rich fiddle soundscapes utilising some clever digital effects, which really shine through.

The Fiddle Chicks have played at Festivals all around Australia including:
Adelaide Fringe Festival, the National Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, National Celtic Festival, Kapunda Celtic Festival, Semaphore Music Festival, Fleurieu Festival & more..and a wide variety of venues throughout Adelaide.

Winners of several categories of SA Folk awards in 2006, 07 and 08 and the APRA EMily Burrows Award, their sound “goes from the whimsical to the dramatic”! (Peter Goers, ABC radio)
“I love the way the girls play and interpret, it’s great to know that we have Folk Music of this
quality living, breathing and being recorded in Adelaide!” ~Stu Wright, Music SA

Adventures Of The HMS Brucie
Adelaide Fringe Festival Cabaret Show
Nexus Cabaret, Sun Feb 20, 2011
‘All aboard, all aboard the HMS Brucie. Come sail with us on the seven
seas. Pirates, Gypsies and vagabonds welcome, leave your landlubber legs
behind’. Be prepared to be taken on this extraordinary adventure with
these exceptional fiddle-playing chicks. Including old world songs from the
Black Sea to the story of Matthew Flinders mapping of South Australia,
these are heartfelt songs of love, longing, of love lost and new-found
The Fiddle Chicks sent chills down my spine with their mesmerising fiddle
playing, stomp box percussion and beautiful two-part harmonies. They
draw you in from the first moment and take you on the wildest trip across
the seven seas. They showcase some of the richness and heritage of folk
music from around the world. The Fiddle Chicks are not to be missed, their
superb arrangements and magical playing makes this one amazing show.
Final word: Mesmerising.
Edel Perth & Kathryn Barclay
Rip It Up Magazine

Don't Worry About Brucie:
"Congratulations on such an outstanding CD.
Great choice of material, wonderful arrangements and superb playing. Its the complete package. One of the best CD releases I've heard over the last few years and is now on permanent rotation in my CD player."
Dave O'Neill, Artistic Director, National Folk Festival Canberra ACT.

2007 LP Out the Window, Over the Gate
Reviewed by Stu Wright
16 May 2008
“... Track 1, ‘Cold Mountain’, is a beautiful song; with tasteful use of traditional highland structures
and subtle backing instrumentation, with Dee providing haunting vocals and insightful lyrics to
life, spirituality and experiences out of the Metropolis. ‘Katz’ is a great little number, reminiscent
in feel to the seminal ‘Fever’, with excellent finger-picked fiddle and fiddle bass, with clicks providing the
sleazy groove for this song to really strut. As one would expect of musicians of this capability, the playing
is exceptionally tight, and the fingers really start to let loose on ‘What Am I Doing Here?’, with Emma
playing some exceptional lead fiddle and showing off her chops nicely, and is a touching little instrumental
written ‘in a moment of frustration’.
‘Water to Wine’ again showcases Dees tasteful and fitting voice for this style of folk arrangement....
‘Chocolate Ice-Cream’ has been borrowed from the Soursob Bob album ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’, and
as with ‘Katz’ the girls provide just the right amount of swagger to keep the tune grooving. ‘The Chick
Sisters’ are credited with backing vocals on this tune, and perfectly executed they are. Again, one
must draw reference to Emma’s exceptional lead fiddle work – she really shreds (to use a guitarist’s
lingo), and listeners will definitely appreciate why she has won ‘Most Outstanding Instrumentalist’ for
two years running at the SA Folk Music Awards.
Two other original compositions on this album, ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Rainbow Sarong’ are written in
the traditional Celtic vein, with tasteful arrangements for both tunes. The use of Wah-Wah fiddle on
‘The Rainbow Sarong’ brought a smile to my face and shows again the girl’s willingness to experiment
away from the ‘Traditional’ box. I love the way the girls play and interpret, it’s great to know that we
have Folk Music of this quality living, breathing and being recorded in Adelaide! “