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The Harmed Brothers

Born in the small forest community of Cottage Grove, Oregon in the summer of 2008, The Harmed Brothers were the proud seed of small town Missouri singer/songwriter Donnie Vietti and Grove locals Joe Cole and "Reverend" Billy Reed. Soon after its conception, Vietti and his raw, passionate tales of love, heartbreak, friendship, small town living and big city ambition spread to the town of Murphy, North Carolina, and found a place alongside longtime friends and brothers Ben and Zach Kilmer.

The three soon took their ambitious, energetic, live performance to the road in 2009 and saw most of the country, and a growing fanbase. The Kilmers however soon chose to return to North Carolina to be with their families as well as pursue other musical endeavors, leaving Vietti to settle back down in Cottage Grove, Oregon, the very town in which his band was conceived.
It was there that Donnie began playing with local musicians Guthrie McClenny and Alex Salcido. The setup placed McClenny on the washboard, kickdrum, ride cymbal and vocals, with Salcido on banjo/vocals. This new lineup found such songs as "The Outlaw Billy Reed," "Kansas Wind," and "Ozark Mountain High," stripped bare, and back down to the raw essentials. Along with those, songs penned by Salcido and McClenny were brought to the table, such as the raucous "Christmas Is Canceled! Get Drunk!," and the heart breaker "One In The Garden," adding a new element to the already thriving Harmed Brothers song machine, with new shared and shifting lead vocals reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo. They honed and worked their way into their own sound comfortably within their tiny little forest town, performing with Cottage Grove’s numerous talented groups and artists including Guitar Recovery Project, Anticipate Pie, and Richard Swift. After a short Midwestern stint in the winter of 2009, the trio became unsure of itself and decided to take a brief hiatus. A few months had passed and washboardist McClenny, personally, musically and artistically at a fork in his own personal stretch of road, amiably parted ways with the two remaining Brothers, trading in his percussionist’s hat in favor for the guitar, and his own personal musical adventures.

After McClenny's departure, the two Brothers decided to get back to what they do best. So, picking up their respective instruments and with a swift stomp of their boots and a punk rock four count, the two invaded the bar and neighborhood circuits of Eugene, Oregon, playing alongside Eugene favorites and good friends, The Conjugal Visitors and The Alder Street All Stars. With the promise of new Vietti/Salcido compositions as well as the rejuvenation of older gems, Vietti’s back catalog has found new life while the duo’s collective work, sound and energy change and mature ever-so-graciously. Suddenly the Harmed Brothers are a whole brand new machine. The heartbreaking and fearless tenacity and swagger of Vietti's vocals and guitar on songs such as "One Night," and "Lone Tree," paired with Salcido's wide ranging harmonies and banjo picking on tracks like "Sunshine," all hint towards a very promising group, made up of two young, impassioned storytellers, as well as stellar performers. In early May, the Harmed Brothers once again returned to Cottage Grove and entered into the studio of talented local and touring musician David Beeman. With huge support and help from Beeman, two days were all it took to record the Brothers’ upcoming brand new full length, "All The Lies You Wanna Hear," slated for release in July.