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The Harvest

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The Harvest last formed in June 2010 when Mark Stone, Darren Lee, and Jeremiah Johnson met the voice of Shauna Meloche at one of their Aurora Studios parties. A month later they decided to move into the same house to birth some beautiful music. Three months later they were playing original sets at downtown Vancouver venues such as The Railway Club. After releasing their first recordings to the public in May of 2011, the band launched into CFOX Seeds 2011, earning a Top 50 placing.

Their influences are wide and various, from the Ramones and Sublime, to Butch Walker, No Doubt and Motley Crue. You can hear hints of Bam Bam in Mark Stone’s percussive style, and some Flea in Jeremiah Johnson’s occasionally frenetic, boozy slap-bass. Meloche could be Janis Joplin and Gwen Stefani’s love child. And Lee can play you to the bone with his ’60 Fender Strat, like Stevie Ray Vaughn talking to Robert Johnson in guitar strings.
They are genre-bending and a bit bent. Stone might even say hell-bent. Legend holds that Lee traded the devil some blood for his chops. That’s steep for rock dues, but Lee would have it no other way, considering his love of early bayou blues, their collective love of genuine music, of anything brought with soul and spirit. They hold their music to the flames, preferring to call themselves not a style, not an easily ascribable genre, but a brand: this is what we bring, one minute some soul, some rock, the next some reggae funk, a little percussive glam—whatever we feel. We’re The Harvest . . . deal with it, and enjoy.


Shauna Meloche

Raised in Essex County, Ontario, some of Shauna's earliest memories are of her father's guitar rocking her to sleep in the rehearsal room of the family's band. Much of her family would credit her Aunt for the voice found inside of Shauna's musical soul. She makes it her own, blending soulful R&B tones with jazzy-blues and modern pop-rock. With a positive outlook and powerful voice that commands attention, she will be heard - and you will listen.

Equipment: Beyerdynamic M88TG microphone, TC Electronics Helicon VoiceLive 2

Darren Lee
Vancouver-born-and-raised, Darren first became serious about playing the guitar when he noticed everyone around him on campus was getting in on the fun. Coming home for summer break from The University of Victoria, he spent his late-night hours whittling away on his father's casually stored 1960 Fender Stratocaster in order to return "a player". The love affair was complete. Studying Mississippi Delta blues under Thom Davis, Darren was introduced, first-hand, to blues legends such as David "Honeyboy" Edwards and Guy Davis. His love of the intricately simple rhythms and melodies of acoustic blues has shaped the player he is, and continues to influence the compositions today.
Years later, he returned to liberate the beloved Strat from the dust and shelter of the basement and bring it to the stage and to the studio, as well as everywhere else he goes.

Equipment: Custom 24-fret Beta Guitar with Bare Knuckle VHII pickups, Mesa/Boogie Quad Preamp and 50/50 Power Amp, Rocktron Loop 8, Dunlop DCR-1SR, Rocktron Xpression Multi-FX and MIDI Mate controller, BBE MaxCom, Boss Blues Driver, MXR Boost, Stereo 2x12 cab with Celestion GT75 speakers, Audio Technica ATW-701 wireless.

Jeremiah Johnson
When he's not rocking out with The Harvest, Jeremiah is busy engineering and producing at his own Aurora Studios, in Vancouver. His love of music, and of The Harvest, lead him to build and furnish his own studio where his band could rehearse, record, and maybe even make a little money while they were at it. No stranger to the stage, Jeremiah's resume includes over twenty years of playing guitar and making music; as well as one Mister LHS title (Lewiston High) and numerous athletic accomplishments. When the collegiate basketball star faced turmoil with a life-changing knee injury, he met Darren, and then he did what so many other guitar players have done to play in a band: He picked up a bass.

Equipment: Ampeg SVT-5 Pro, Vintage Trace Elliot 4x10 and 1x15.

Mark Stone

Colorado born, British Columbia raised, Mark started drumming at twelve. Drumming in various bands and on numerous studio projects over the years, Mark found himself in The Harvest after being recommended by one of his long-time friends. The connection of their musical personalities was instant, and Mark has been on The Throne ever since. Mark attended the Center for Digital Imaging and Sound, earning a Masters of Recording Arts. His education and experience in the industry was vital throughout the design and construction of Aurora Studios, where he continues to consult on and produce projects. Mark's drumming and soulful vocal harmonies can be heard on many Vancouver recordings from the past two decades. Mark has found a family of musicians, in The Harvest, who continue to inspire him in a platform where he is able to create and to push his boundaries and abilities.

Equipment: Ayotte Drums (vintage Ray era), Ayotte-Keplinger stainless steel Snare, Sabian cymbals, Iron Cobra double kick pedal, Ahead 5a sticks, Yamaha hardware.

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