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The Hong Kong Sleepover

If you put the Backstreet Boys and their fans in a room and lit it on fire, the members of The Hong
Kong Sleepover would be the four guys outside drinking Jack Daniels, shooting off automatic weapons and
roasting marshmallows...and feel free to substitute the Backstreet Boys for any dime-a-dozen, so-called
band that has left their skid marks on the under garments of the music industry. What, to many, may sound
like a southern-fried version of a jihad, it is abundantly clear that The Hong Kong Sleepover really have
declared their holy war upon those that suck upon the teat of Casey Casem….and they brought plenty of
refreshments and ammunition.

Before you begin to point your fingers at their faults, you should know that The Hong Kong Sleepover
already knows they’re not perfect, nor pretend to be. In fact, the more distorted and deranged you think they
are, the closer you are to what really drives them, which is honesty. An honest, stripped down approach to
the genre of music that brought you Motorhead, Anthrax, Corrosion of Conformity, and Metallica (prehaircuts)
is the desired result of their live performances, which are more like metaphoric sacrifices to the god
of metal – who resembles Lemmy Kilmister, only with horns. It was this deity that was summoned to produce
their first LP, Mustard, which was released in the autumnal equinox of 2009, since which, they have sold over
1,200+ copies world-wide.

Their music is a collaborative effort by all four members of The Hong Kong Sleepover, who formed
almost exactly half-way around the world from the Far Eastern city from which they take their name. While
Macomb, Illinois has seven million people less than Hong Kong, it did have the good fortune of being the
residence of band co-founders Ted Renner (lead vocals) and Pete Thompson (lead guitar/vocals) who
quickly recruited Mike Kump to play drums. Several months later, the band found a young, but able
Statesboro, Georgia native Waylon Brown to play bass. With Brown in place, The Hong Kong Sleepover
immediately felt as if all pistons were firing. They were able to shred the veil of anonymity and demand that
their ‘laugh at yourself and your puny existence’ message be heard and over the next four and a half years
go from playing small dive bars to sold out auditoriums holding 2,300+ roaring fans.

While the band demands that The Hong Kong Sleepover fans take a tongue-in-cheek approach to
their music, make no mistake, this is not the approach the band takes when it comes to writing and
performing. Their writing is an extremely serious venture that is evident early in their debut album by the Mao
Zedong-like call to arms, “Fist of Consequence.” An evidently humorous song, “The Greasy Wheel,” follows
later, but there is nothing funny about the driving rhythm and lead guitar that make this track a staple in the
band’s live shows. And the arrogant march of “Bad as They Come” follows an Alice Cooper-like power chord
slither, and is only complemented by the thrash metal “Hatchet Man,” which, instead of letting you slowly off
the hook at the end of the album, adds that one last, but much needed “Fuck You.”

So, until The Hong Kong Sleepover pushes their efforts through the government controlled airwaves
of the world and kick you in the head while you unconsciously suffocate inside your leased Ford Focus, take
the initiative to pass through their proverbial “demilitarized zone” and experience them for yourself... and
don’t forget to bring some marshmallows.