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The Inactivists

Most unsigned local bands tend not to be very prolific. There is a good reason for that. With the costs of recording continually plummeting the only thing standing between a would-be auteur and recording something as complicated and intricate (if not nearly as good) as “Sgt. Pepper” or “Pet Sounds” is simply a matter of time and patience. And having a decent computer. This coupled with the fact that fewer and fewer people are interested or able to actually pay for recorded music makes the imperative for an artist to create a large catalogue of albums almost nil.

But the Inactivists never were one to do things the usual or popular or logical way. Another unusual thing that the Inactivists have decided to do is to stay together for 10 years. That’s right the Inactivists had their first rehearsal all the way back in the days of yore (October 2003) and had their first show the very next day. Unless someone is paying them all a good deal of money most bands have not only broken up within that first decade, but have also had their big reunion concert and have broken up again in that same amount of time. Heck these days most marriages don’t even last ten years. The Inactivists however have tapes of themselves impersonating John Kerry during his presidential run that were recording during the sessions for their second album. That’s how damn old this band is.

And to commemorate this milestone the Inactivists are releasing their sixth (7th if you count the split EP with Babushka, “It’s An The Inactivists’ Xmas!”). 2013 will see the debut of “You’re So King In It!” the final installment in what is the most inaccurately described trilogy of albums ever! Other titles in this unwieldy discography include “Self-Titled Debut” (2004), “Disappointing Follow-Up” (2005), “Dreaded Concept Album” (2007), “Love Songs and Other Songs About Love” (2009) and “War On Jazz Hands” (2011). “You’re So King In It!” was recorded and mixed by Eric Loomis, the same guy who did the stellar work on the previous CD “War On Jazz Hands” and features the inaugural recordings of the latest members of the Inactivists’ fold: Cody Schlueter on Vibraphone and Alekzandr Palesh on ophecliede and trombone.

In celebration of these two dubious achievements of longevity and productivity, the Inactivists are having a Decade Anniversary and CD Awareness Party on October 11th at 9:00 pm at the Walnut Room at 3131 Walnut Street. Why a “CD Awareness Party”? “We’ve tried releasing CDs in the past”, comments an Inactivist spokesperson, “But as inanimate objects, the CDs tend to just stay there.” Opening the nights festivities are the dulcent tones of the misanthropic Orifice A Following them in this extravaganza of brilliant stupidity is the groove oriented machine that is Hindershot After the Inactivists take the stage and do whatever it is that they do the evening will conclude with a performance of the monster puppet dub-step opera that is Roboperazilla. Really. We’re not making that up. You have to see it to believe it. Tickets are on sale now for only $5 and are available at

What does the future hold for the Inactivists? Another ten years of same? A complete re-make into the Inactivists mk. II? They quietly break-up the day after the show? Only your hairstylist knows for sure…