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Thomas and Kristen Cypert, also known as "The Legacy", artfully create music encompassing various genres and expounding fundamental Christian principles and values based on their southern Bible Belt heritage. The 20- and 18-year-old siblings began their singing/songwriting careers while leading praise and worship singing under the wings of their father, who pastors a nondenominational congregation in central Arkansas.

Thomas is a worship leader and musician at heart. He has been blessed with the ability to play almost every instrument he desires. His musical dexterity is truly a gift from God. Tom plays the clarinet, saxophone, drums, banjo, piano, and acoustic guitar. His favorite instrument seems to be the bass.

Thomas began to write songs at the age of twelve. The content of his writing stems from his desire to be a Godly influence to his friends, family, and extended community. Tom’s first song writing project portrays his heart of worship by expressing to the Lord, “You’re All I Want”.

Thomas’ father loves to tell the story of a time when the church had no bass player. His dad purchased an inexpensive bass, red in color, and placed it on the stage awaiting an answer from God and expecting the new musician to walk in the door. Tom had inquired of his father permission to sit on the stage with the older men playing their guitars. He had just received his first three-quarter size acoustic guitar. His dad’s affirmation was all it took for a career in music to begin. Within a year, he began to not only play the acoustic guitar with virtuosity, but he also became the bass player for whom his dad had prayed. Tom was eight years old at the time.

Kristen loves singing. She began to sing before she could express herself in words. Her daily routine is filled with praises resonating from her heart. Although she plays the piano and the acoustic guitar, her true gift from God is her beautiful voice and songwriting ability.

Kristen began writing songs at the age of thirteen. The content of her writing often refers to her life experiences as a preacher’s daughter living in a small southern town. Kristen’s close relationship to her father has been indicative of song titles such as, “Everywhere You Go, There You Are”. As one of her first writing projects, the song reflects her perspective through her childhood years as she observed numerous men and women seeking counsel for life-changing advice. Some took the advice expounded to them by her father, but many countless others reverted back to the environment and life-style from which they were attempting to escape.