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The Martyr Index

The Martyr Index is your favourite fist-in-the-air, banner-flying, ol' dirty pinko rock and roll band, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by the opulence of what could be considered the Bahrain of North America, they are exactly the kind of contradiction that you would expect from a quasi-anarchist discourse feeding off the fruits of unrepentant frontier capitalism. With just the right mix of idealism and political incorrectness, the band can manage to alienate just about anyone who's got a stick up their ass.

Yet, despite their obstinate behaviour, the band has managed to weather it out in the punk rock underbelly of North America's music scene for over 11 years. With the energy of their live performance the band has the ability to inspire their audience regardless of the city they're in or what taqueria brought them there.

Returning in 2012, after a two year hiatus, The Martyr Index is back with their strongest line-up yet. Look the fuck out!

"If you want to hear some REAL rock and roll, here it is in some of its finest form. And its in your own backyard." - James Callsen: X92.9 FM

"...will make you want to lob a Molotov cocktail at the next cop car you see. As if you didn’t already.” - Therese Lanz: Nerve Magazine

“This is irresistible, effortlessly catchy punk rock that spends as much time on melodies as manifestos. Seriously, if you’re not singing along by the second listen, you oughta be checking for a pulse.” - Jordan Lane: Quiet Light

“’s impossible to resist these infectious tunes.” - Barnaby Bennett: Beatroute

"Powerful songs from a band that is actually real. No hairspray or spandex leather. Just great rock!" - Oddball News and Entertainment

"...One album might not be enough to change the world, but when musicians of TMI’s calibre are willing to disseminate their art for free, one can’t help but think that change must be on its way." - Nick Winnick: Beatroute