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The Nomad Nipples

The Nomad Nipples was started in 1992 by members of North Norways first Thrash metal band Garlik De `th and the post-punk band Weltschmertz.Musically, The Nomad Nipples were influenced by bands like The Pouges, Nine Inch Nails, Mr. Bungle, Sex Pistols, Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Voivod, Barbie Bones and The Jungle Medics.

The Nomad Nipples strived to be musical nomads, and varied in style from Death Metal to Pop, from Punk to Techno, Noise and into experimental styles with spoken-word sequences and vacuum cleaner solos.

On stage The Nomad Nipples was as much a visual experience as a musical experience. Their live acts could be described as psychedelic, extreme and at times rabid and violent.

Their first release titled "Softing Sessions" contained 8 tracks and also included a cover (Maskin Maskin) by Norwegian New Wave band Blaupunkt. Later this song would give name to their own label (Machine Machine Records). Their second release "Septiculture" released in 1994. Septiculture contained six songs, including a vacuum cleaner solo.

In 1997 The Nomad Nipples recorded their first full album titled "Septiculture pt1". This release received good critics and gave the band more recognition nationally and airplay as well as interviews on national radio P3. The attention the album got also helped The Nomad Nipples get important gigs at the Rock Against Drugs at Andøya as support for A-Ha, and also later in Trondheim as support for Denimrockers Turbonegro. The album was recorded in 1995/96 in Oslo with Tor Tømmervik and Tore Ylvisaker (The Jungle Medics, Origami, Ulver, Paperboys) as producers, mentors and Engineers.

1996 marked a change in The Nomad Nipples, and the band became sort of an open collective where different musicians contributed, the line-up itself was fluid and nomadic. Tore H Boe (Origami Collective, Replika) and Lasse Marhaug (Lasse Marhaug, Merzbow, Jazkammer, Origami Replika) became important part-time nomads who inspired and challenged the band in relation to how they made music. These Part-time Nomads" also became part of the bands live acts and they were never afraid to include other musicians, often on the fly without any planning. Sometimes resulting in great concerts other times in complete chaos. An example of this this can be heard on the live version of "maskin Maskin" on the "Maskin Maskin EP" released in 2015.

In 1999 The Nomad Nipples released their second album "International (New York, London, Paris). This time the entire album was recorded in their rehearsal studio, on an 8 track digital porta studio.
Several guest artists contributed to the album including Lasse Marhaug, Tore H Boe and Gen E Donate (Ræva Rockers, The Jungle Medics) among others.

By the end of 2000 The Nomad Nipples split up and focused more on other artists, their own label (Machine Machine Records) and various side projects including Mrs. Hippie, The Slaughter Slits, Tripcat, Climax of Copenhagen.

Discography The Nomad Nipples

▪ 1994 - Søfting Sessions (MC)
▪ 1996 - Septiculture part 1 (MC)
▪ 1997 - Septiculture (CD)
▪ 1998 - King of Rock `n` Roll (promo CD)
▪ 1998 - December (promo CD)
▪ 1998 - Turd & The mortal (recorded at 3rd & the mortal) (Demo CD)
▪ 1998 - King of Rock `n` roll (Track on comp. CD)
▪ 1999 - International (New York, London, Paris) (CD)
▪ 1999 - Riding my smile (Track on comp. CD)
▪ 1999 - Live at Sjonstock & Demos (MC) (Komkol Autoprod)
▪ 2012 - December (remastered)
▪ 2015 - Maskin Maskin EP (Digital)
▪ 2016 - TBA (Digital)

Discography Machine Machine

▪ 1994 The Nomad Nipples: Septiculture (MC)
▪ 1996 The Nomad Nipples: Septiculture Part 1 (CD)
▪ 1998 Tripcat: Feelikeshit (yeah yeah yeah) (CDS)
▪ 1998 We Are Hello: Volume 1(CD)
▪ 1999 We Are Hello: Volume 2 (CD)
▪ 1999 Picture Me Naked: In Peace and Harmony (CDS)
▪ 1999 The Nomad Nipples: International (New York, London, Paris) (CD)
▪ 2000 Tripcat: It's OK kids (It's all part of the show) (CD)
▪ 2000 Lorenzo: No Fidelity (CD)
▪ 2000 Basaflak: Jern (CD)
▪ 2000 Askil Holm: The Boy with the Boomerang (CD)
▪ 2001 We Are Hello: Volume 4.1 (CD)
▪ 2001 We Are Hello: Volume 4.2 (CD)
▪ 2012 The Nomad Nipples: December (Digital single)
▪ 2013 The Slaughter Slits: Falling Down (Digital single)
▪ 2013 The Nomad Nipples: Septiculture (Remaster) (Digital album)
▪ 2015 The Nomad Nipples: Maskin Maskin (Digital EP)
▪ 2016 The Nomad Nipples: TBA (Digital album)
▪ 2016 The Slaughter Slits: TBA (Digital album)