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The Rockdoves

The Rockdoves, a.k.a. NYC singer-songwriters Daniel Cole and Kim West, have been writing and performing music together for over seven years. Upon discovering a mutual interest in children's music, it was a spontaneous creative moment during a rehearsal that led to “See The Seasons”, their first cool kids’ song made with parents in mind. Since then they have written a collection of positive, thoughtful tunes for children, and recently finished recording the first Rockdoves album! They believe that kids and their parents deserve music made with artistry, intelligence, humor, and respect, and they have made creating that music their mission. They envision families spending time together listening, laughing, and singing along to their favorite Rockdoves tunes. Thematically, their music touches on everything from New York City living and nature, to the value of family and home, while stylistically, they draw inspiration from folk to the blues to rock ‘n roll. As seasoned performers, The Rockdoves have crafted an entertaining, interactive live performance that delights audiences with its blend of education, comedy, and storytelling, along with all the fun of a rock ‘n roll show. The Rockdoves are deeply inspired by the magic and energy that is shared between artists and their audience, and look forward to seeing you soon at a Rockdoves gig in your neighborhood!

Daniel received his degree in Early Childhood Education and Development from the University of Delaware. After teaching for 2 years, he took a break from the classroom to pursue music with Juliet's Wishing Well, the Delaware based alt/rock band he co-founded in 1993. They recorded 2 CD's and performed over 700 live shows while touring the eastern US, and then disbanded in 1999. Daniel released his first solo CD in 2000, before taking a hiatus from music for about 2 1/2 years. Upon moving to NYC in 2003, Daniel rediscovered both teaching and music. It was there that he met singer/songwriter Kim West, with whom he has built an enduring, multifaceted musical partnership.

Kim began singing along with her Sesame Street records as a child and has never stopped. Along with years of avid vocal study, she honed her early skills and unique stage presence in the unparalleled world of school and community theater. It was a natural progression that she soon heeded the call of New York City, and amidst the energy of the metropolis, her solitary moments led to growth and artistic insights that sparked the development of her songwriting voice. Kim graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University with a degree in Dramatic Literature and Theater History, and then readily followed her lifelong path of musical performance into the NYC music scene. Starting out solo at East Village open mics led the way to fronting a rock band or two, and auspiciously meeting up with singer/songwriter Daniel Cole. Their long-time friendship and musical connection has flourished into a collaborative and dynamic creative partnership.