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The Rose Phantom

Who is The Rose Phantom? Apart from being an industrious artist with countless methods of exhibiting creation, Theodoric Newsom devotedly seeks to manifest something beyond the worldly experience as it is popularly known. The Rose Phantom is a vessel through which vibrant atmospheres flow and make their mark through mediums of music, visual art, and custom design. He is driven purely by mood, and the outcome is a unique inventory of works fit for the unconventional.

As a high school student in 2003, Theodoric began his first sonic endeavor under the name revideolized, and released four full-length instrumental albums under this moniker: "revideolized" (2005), "The Moon Driven Dark" (2006), "Look-In" (2007), and "Sounds from the Canyon" (2008). The revideolized project laid the foundation for a plethora of self-produced musical achievements for an artist of many masks.

From 2005-2010, The Rose Phantom was the keyboardist and backing vocalist for progressive/alternative rock band Melodramus. Melo released two full-length albums: "30 Silver Pieces" (2007) and "Two: Glass Apple"(2010). During the recording of the second album, he was also involved with his duo project, Sleep Slid iN, which released "The Open Diary" in 2009.

In 2011, Theodoric decided to abandon his revideolized and Sleep Slid iN projects, and release all future endeavors as The Rose Phantom: the long time alias he always credited in his works. The first release as The Rose Phantom was a commissioned production for a documentary film about child prostitution in Cambodia. Both the EP soundtrack and the documentary are collectively entitled "Picking Up the Pieces" (June, 2012).

The Rose Phantom's first full-length album, "Abandon" (December, 2012) draws its name from themes of desertion corresponding to his detachment from working in a band setting, and ending long-term personal relationships.

Accompanying several music tracks on "Abandon" are equally expressive music videos which showcase The Rose Phantom’s notorious expertise in marrying the dynamic worlds of audio and video. Following Abandon are three singles: "Them Bones", "The Message", and "Limitless Reaches of the Earth", along with three compelling EP's: "Sketches: Live at Storm Mountain", "Broken Heart/Distant Shore", and "Soulless Experiment", as well as an additional full-length dark ambient instrumental release, "Dark Moods" (February, 2015).

The Rose Phantom gears up to release his fifth EP "Wicked Flowers" on October 31st of 2016, which is also the kick off of his "Wicked West Coast tour." This is but the dawn of The Rose Phantom's innovative victories. It is a remarkable journey to the dwelling of atmosphere, and to cease his devoted exploration of mood would be to cease truly living.