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The Second Symphony

My name is Robert J Remand and I have been writing and producing music for more than 17 years. Over the years I have worked on various different styles and genres of music and used different instruments; guitar, piano, bass and drums have always been the base of my music. Because of my diverse experience with music styles and a few instruments, my production has lead me to other forms of writing.

The Second Symphony has been an ongoing project that I have been working on since early 2001. However it was in 2003 and 2008 when I began to make breakthroughs in use of writing and editing digital music through computer software. Don't get me wrong, I love the real deal. It feels so much more natural to strum a guitar and bang on a set of drums than it does writing music note by note on a generative application. But because I did commit myself to writing music this way, I have come to understand and given the chance to use more instruments endlessly. As well through this I have created my own unique sound; The sound you hear when you are listening to The Second Symphony.

The best and only way I prefer to describe my work as The Second Symphony is this "this is my life." Not so much in the sense that -music is my life- but more in the sense that my life is reflected generously through the music. Each song, piece, note sequence and tune is literally the expense of my heart, soul and being.

My music comes in variety of sounds and instruments. Each instrument I use is made of samples that are the most life-like or realistic in sound. Very rarely do I use instruments that sound "midi," fake, electronic and when necessary (for the sound I want) I have re-sampled, edited and made my own sample instruments.

I hope you find my music relaxing, exciting, dramatic, calming, energizing and more. That is the whole point.

Robert J Remando, The Second Symphony