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The Strychnine Babies

Formed in 1996 on South Street in Philadelphia, The Strychnine Babies were a chaotic demolition ride fueled by rancid beer and the idea that 3 unhealthy, malnourished, twig boy punk rockers would wake up the streets of Philly from their slumber. Releasing their debut EP, "Six Songs for Self-Destruction" in 1997, they accomplished that and much more. 

Stories of their disastrous live gigs on the east coast caught the attention of American Punk Records, who brought them to Baltimore to track the "Kill Society" 7 inch.  Produced by Rude A. (Jakkpot) and Drew Mazurek, the record was released in early 1998 to rave reviews.  Flipside magazine called them "catchier than anything you'll ever hear on the shitty airwaves" and a "must have;" while Maximum Rock n' Roll praised them for "catchy great dual vocals, likened to the Dead Boys and not that far off. A rocker!"  The band continued touring the east coast, developing a rabid following that is stronger than ever to this day.

Their next release was the track "Give Me Guns" on the 1998 compilation album "This is American Punk, Volume 1."  The album also featured local favorites Electric Frankenstein, Candy Snatchers and many others.  Again the band received more praise from countless fanzines and entered the studio to record a full-length album. 

Throughout the recording, their "live fast, die young" attitude became more than just a slogan, causing the band to self-destruct. The Strychnine Babies performed their final show at the legendary Coney Island High in January 1999. Christian Martucci (bass/vocals) went on play with Dee Dee Ramone, The Chelsea Smiles and eventually Black President. Eric Dead (Guitar/Vocals) formed the Dead City Psychos; while Dave Glass (Drums) continued his DIY artwork, designing album covers and merchandise for everyone from GBH to the Damned.
Fast-forward over a decade to 2009… 77 style punk rock is all but dead and The Strychnine Babies have returned to set the record straight with the release of the “New Religion EP” on their own Electric Nerve Records. A limited edition run of 500 clockwork orange 7 inches have been pressed with cover art featuring Szandora LaVey, in addition to a worldwide digital release.

With a full-length album and newly re-mastered back catalog in the works, The Strychnine Babies show no sign of slowing down in the future. “This is the band we’ve always wanted to be in,” says Christian Martucci. “It’s a good thing we’re all still around to finish what we started!”