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The Suitcase Junket

The Suitcase Junket is Matt Lorenz's nationally touring, slide-guitar playing, throat-singing one-man-band.

"Remember the first time you heard the Suitcase Junket on the radio…his songwriting is extraordinary…This is one of the most exciting records I've heard in years." - Vin Scelsa of Idiot's Delight on WFUV and Sirius/XM

"Not everyone can pull off the one-man-band gambit without lapsing into schtick, but Amherst's Matt Lorenz has it all down to an art[…]the songs are what you remember." -The Boston Globe

Matt Lorenz is a Vermont born musician, visual artist and tinkerer. "I aim to write good songs and sing them honestly" says Lorenz. He does that and more. The Suitcase Junket's artistic vision is one of salvaged and repurposed objects, images and emotions. His innovative junk-percussion constructions, original album art featuring inanimate objects with wings, and the high craft of his songwriting all combine to create a unique and engaging entity with a force and style all its own. Lorenz's self-taught throat-singing adds a fascinating edge to the overall sound. "I'm interested in the hidden voices that reside within things: the songs stuck inside instruments, the story behind the object, the mysterious weight of a word, the harmonic sequence that's in every note waiting to be broken as light through a prism."

Lorenz tours The Suitcase Junket nationally playing on festival stages and city street corners, in concert halls and dive bars, in living rooms and listening rooms. The sound isn't easy to pin into a genre, but The Suitcase Junket is often likened to Tom Waits, The Black Keys and Andrew Bird. Lorenz's songwriting is unexpected, powerful and poignant, drawing from the deep well of the American musical traditions of folk, rock, blues and storytelling, all sharpened with a keen pop sensibility. With masterful command over instruments of his own creation, he silences a room with the first notes of his throat singing and holds the crowd until the final chords of his guitar. When he plays you get the sense that he is truly playing and that he'd be doing it just as joyfully with or without an audience.

Lorenz has released three full length albums and one EP as The Suitcase Junket - Sever and Lift (2009) Knock It Down (2011) and Make Time (2015) The EP Dying Star was released on Signature Sounds in 2016. "The band" is built around a resurrected dumpster-diamond guitar, an old oversized suitcase, a hi-hat, a gas-can baby-shoe foot-drum, a cookpot-soupcan-tambourine foot-drum, a circular-saw-blade bell and a box of bones and silverware that operate much like a hi-hat. He pounds out rhythms with his feet and his twang-and-buzz guitar growls through a couple of old tube amps. On top of all this is the ethereal edge of his overtone throat-singing. This act is unique and not to be missed.

"The Magic Matt Lorenz spins is potent stuff…(he) has a knack for finding poetry in unlikely places…a listen to the music he creates reveals a deft touch and a heady knack for assembling sounds." - The Valley Advocate

"All by himself he sounded like a full hobo band playing on a train racing rhythmically onward." -Preview Magazine

"His songs have a sense of beauty about them and are delivered with such forceful sound you can't believe you aren't listening to a full band." - Greenfield Recorder