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The Thirstbusters

It was 7th grade when Chase, Forrest, and I first played “Purple Haze” for a middle school event. We met Ryan at Berkeley High and immediately hit it off. One day after Jazz Ensemble we were jamming on some Pop, and Chase yells “Guys! We’re making a band!” I was definitely game.

We recorded our first album with some cash we had saved from gigs, just for the heck of it. It was all live and in one room, some songs just one take, no producer or anything. But we were all super excited about how it turned out. Forrest hadn’t heard it ’cause he was sick during the mixing, and when he finally did, he spit his water out in disbelief! We all went to different colleges (N.Y., L.A., and Ohio) and were looking forward to being together again for winter break. Since my sister is a writer/director, we thought it’d be fun to do a music video at our high school.

A couple weeks after making “So There,” we got an email from Disney that they wanted to air it for a while. A few weeks after that, we got a call from our soon-to-be managers. We then put together the rest of our team, made some more music videos for Cambio, and had songs in a couple movies. Separated across the country for most of the year, we played shows during school breaks, including the CA State Fair one summer, which was awesome! We just released our second album and have had an amazing start to summer. Touring has been a blast, and “Finders Keepers” just won first place in the national Elfenworks songwriting competition for social justice. We’re now playing shows, writing new songs, and planning another music video. There’s only one more year until graduation, and we can’t wait to rock out every single day of the year!

We met playing Jazz, so we try to incorporate those dynamics/textures into Pop/Rock songs. People like comparing us to Coldplay, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Maroon 5, and U2. But rather than picking one direction to focus on for the new album, we decided to embrace the eclectic and just write songs that we love, so there’s some Rock, some Acoustic, some R&B, all different stuff. Lyrically too, we’re hoping to show different sides of ourselves, different moods. That’s part of the idea of being “Caught Between.”