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The Vindickers

Masters of infectious and jumping tracks The Vindickers are a band with a passionate and powerful old school sound. Our music is packed with fast paced guitars, catchy vocals, strong punchy bass, rolling drums and infectious melodies. And so much more than that


I’ve tried writing a few bio’s for this band so far and to be frank I think most of them have been, well a bit, you know average. So tonight I’m sitting at my laptop watching Aliens and drinking beer whilst attempting to come up with a definitive bio for the Vin’s, so please do bear with me if I wander into drunken ramblings at some point.

The band was formed by frontman Jme and drummer Jay sometime ago as a punk rock covers band as well as featuring a guy named Paul on bass duties. (I’ve met him a couple of times since joining, he seems alright.) Now Jme would say something like “a constant stream of songwriting led to The Vindickers becoming an originals band.” Personally I think they just got bored of playing the same old covers all the time and decided the band could be more than that. They managed to get enough songs together to record an album in Jme’s bedroom, 2 main reasons for this was that it was cost effective and secondly it was really close to Jme’s fridge. Before The Fall was released and received some pretty good press but the time had come for Paul to leave the band, which in turn left the band on hiatus until Jay and Jme managed to find a replacement.

Fast forward pretty much a year from that point and a night out on the town led to Jme asking a very drunk, kebab munching me to attend a few rehearsals and see how things went. Those early rehearsals in Jay’s attic (no-one wanted to fork out on a proper room until I was a definite fixture) obviously went very well and in next to no time I was sworn into Vin-hood. We started playing a bunch of gigs but something was still missing, we decided it was another guitar which we could use to drown out the vocals at live shows. Trials were held and we eventually settled on Rob cos his amp head is really heavy which obviously means he’s really good.

With the band now fully operational and kicking ass we felt Before The Fall was due for a re-release, we even put it on iTunes because you have to do that nowadays in order to appear “cool”. This time round it received glowing reviews with two awarding it 4/5 and one of those saying “...they’ve really pushed themselves to make their debut record as impressive, diverse and unique as possible and are meant for success.” So once again we started hitting the gig’s and soon we were supporting touring bands such as Madcraft, Third Place Victory & ScreamDontWhisper as well as hitting our first outdoor festivals Battfest (which was streamed live to a million internet users) & Eastbourne Extreme. Of course all this gave us the thirst for more so at the end of 2012 we bought our first van so we could finally take this show out on the open road and get a few funny stories about sleeping in a van together and farting at each other.

All of that pretty much brings us up to now, 2013 which is hopefully gonna be our best year to date. We’re (finally) going to release our 2nd album IMBA, after going on about it for the past year and blow your minds (or at least your load)with it. Keep your eyes and ears on us we’re more than your average band and soon we’re coming to a town near you armed with dickies shirts, white ties and musical awesomeness.


The Vindickers may label themselves as a Pop Punk band with various influences, but they’re so much more than that. They’ve really pushed themselves to make their debut record as impressive, diverse and unique as possible and are meant for success.

Before The Fall review: Marianne Calnan - Sound &Motion

The Vindickers – Buddy Song

Set for a good year, with lots of gigs and an album on the way (iMBA), The Vindickers have once again graced us with their presence, and another great track. Infecectiously catchy with plenty of flair and breakdowns, ‘The Buddy Song’ deserves to be played loud, and often. The track is more of a blur than the last one we featured (Before The Fall), but it is by no means inferior; better in some areas, it’s got some awesome lyrics, and we love the bass.

--Andrew J C Nicholls, SQ Soundcloud Showcase.

“...If being a geek is as fun as this sounds, sign me up for some plaster-fixed specs and a Star Trek boxed set... (Not The End Of The Pier CD Review - The Vindickers: I Wanna Be Geek 4/5 stars)”
— Richard Morris, Hastings Observer

“(The Vindickers songs)... can hold their heads high within the genre.”
— Stuart Huggett, Eastmag

“Before The Fall is a mature, passionate song carried by equally gifted musicians and unique, emotive vocals. Fast paced and catchy, especially the chorus, the track is proof that not everything sucks about Hastings."
-- Andrew JC Nicholls, SQ Soundcloud Showcase