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The Weapon & Cartonero

January 25, 2013

The collaboration between Rolando Salva Jr. (CARTONERO) and Rafael Rodriguez (The Weapon, or WPNIZER) resulted in a solid, adventurous and alluring, latin -pop-house release. Taking cues from simple, catchy, listener friendly hits like, Right Said Fred’s, “I’m Too Sexy” and Baha Men’s, “Who Let The Dogs Out”- “What’s My Flava” and “Como Te Gusta” deliver the same kind of infectious punch.

Inspired to do music while working for 4Everfilms International in 2003. Rafael Rodriguez (aka. Wpnizer) co produced for Mun2 with 4Everfilms the music video show “NY Underground Rapumentaries”. Wpnizer received the Production Manager credits for this in devour.

Once finished with the music video show, Wpnizer embarked on this new musical vision. With nothing more than a handful of sparse lyrics and a beat repeating in his head, he called upon his long -time buddy and confidant in Miami, Rolando Salva Jr (aka Cartonero). Rolando, a jazz and classically trained pianist, had the musical knowledge, chops, and creative input that would give “What’s My Flava” it’s distinct character. All this work could not have been consummated without the help of our great friend, R&B vocalist extraordinaire Mr. Earl Brinkley.

Cartonero and The Weapon, now a song writing team, worked diligently to complete the first pop tune of their careers together.

“It wasn’t an easy task,” says Rodriguez. “ I would go down to Miami for a few days, Rolando would come up to NY for a few days, and we’d keep laying down tracks and shaping the song.” With DJ Reflex (NY) and Earl Brinkley (FL), who both recorded and engineered the project. With the infusion of Earl Brinkley’s vocals completed, “What’s My Flava” and “Como Te Gusta” finally became a reality for Cartonero and The Weapon

“The song has a twist of light -hearted humor”, says Rolando, “It’s danceable, it’s sexy, it’s funny, and it‘s fun!” Cartonero and The Weapon have promoted this song to DJ’s and clubs around the world through pro DJ record pools. The most surprising for us was Latinos Unidos Record Pool in New Jersey. With whom “What’s My Flava” received an 80% acceptance rating world wide. I remember sending Latinos Unidos 125 cd’s. “What’s My Flava” was used in a segment of a hit radio show in Miami, and was compared to R. Kelly’s “Bump And Grind”. The radio show compared amongst these songs, how many different ways sex sells through music.

“What’s My Flava” was released to a limited audience in 2003; however, due to high demand and with new digital mediums, it is being re-released so that individual who want to listen to something humorous and make them smile for a moment in these hard times can do so. Cartonero and The Weapon appreciate your support and are very grateful.

“What’s My Flava” , the English version is sung by CARTONERO, The spanglish version “Como Te Gusta” is sung by WPNIZER and the English and the Spanglish karoake version for the pleasure of our audience. Our friend Vinny D, tells us that before going out clubbing he warms up with “69”, another title for “What’s My Flava” . He claims it puts him in the mood for love. We are extremely proud of our production work. The team has a techno English/Spanglish version of the song. The production was engineered by DJ Reflex and will be release later this year.