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Thenjiwe Banda was born on the 9th of May 1991 in a little town called Thembisa, South Africa. Growing up born into a Christian(Seventh-Day-Adventist) household, she was fortunate enough to attend a Seventh day Adventist school in Pretoria called Presda Primary School.
Whilst at school she joined the school choir in which they visited different churches and minister to them. Growing up, she has always loved singing even though she was very shy to sing out in public ;but as years went by she grew out of her nerves and began singing more in church. As time went by, she started gaining more confidence and evidently started asking to do more singing by herself. The first time Thenji ever sang alone she cried thoughout the song, in spite of it all, God still allowed the listeners to be blessed through the song.

In the Latter years of her childhood, Thenji and her family moved to England, In which she started gaining more of an identity as a soloist and visited churches to go and minister to them, in which she even received the "Esther" award for a young woman making a difference in the community.
Singing has always been her passion and people have always encouraged her to record her own songs but she had never taken them seriously, until the summer of 2010. Whilst in the studio with her friend, Leon Davis, they began making plans to record an EP and were in the process of recording a few cover songs and originals. These plans however were short lived as sadly he had to move back to London, and plans of continuing to write and record looked slim. Time went on until the end of 2011 in which Thenji approached her friend Keith Bazari. As he is a pianist, they had previously worked together in previous performances.
Keith was very intrigued with the stylistic vocal approach that Thenji delivered, in return this pushed him towards asking Thenji to work with him. All ideas seemed impractical at first, but as time went on they began to write more songs. In the summer of 2012, they began the recording process for Thenji's first ever recorded project. It was intended to be an album but due to time, the album had to be put on hold and cut short to an EP.
Many people in Thenji's life such as, Mahali Selepe, Thabo and Uncle Lu have all encouraged her to record as an Adventist, as they feel the lack Adventist recording singers is very apparent.
Currently the EP For Your Good is available online for sale and plans for an Album are very much in progress. Much Prayers needed from all friends and family.
God bless