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Theo Teris

Songwriter & composer. Hip-hop & classical.

Influences: Beethoven & 2Pac, Mozart & 50 Cent, Mahler & Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Tchaikovsky and Pig Pun.

Every artist has their glory and their issues. That’s how Theo looks at it. Every artist possesses a deep need to express their desires, conflicts, hopes, desperation and faith. To express their emotions, Beethoven had a piano and an orchestra while 2Pac had beats and a studio. Theo has both.

Classically trained from a very young age, Theo displayed precision, passion, and creativity, and his instructors took note. Theo soon proved to be a prodigy. But while deeply immersed in classical music taught by an internationally renowned instructor, Theo was aware of the world outside, which was filled with rap, hip-hop and pop. Popular music was there with his friends, on You Tube, on the radio and in the movies. It was at every sporting event, and Theo loved it as much as he loved the classics. By day, Theo composed concerts for full orchestras. At night though, alone in his room, he laid down beats and expressed himself in a completely different way.
There was a lot of emotion brewing in this kid from Pittsburgh, who was beginning to experience immense pressure in his classical training. Theo needed an outlet. He had to write or he would suffocate, and it was then that the music flowed.

At night in his room, he found his voice and created beats that expressed his feelings in a way that the classics just couldn’t. The drive, the frustration, and the struggle are all there in his raps and beats.

Notions of combining classical and rap came to light in recordings he calls “Rapisicals.” Covers of 2Pac’s “Changes,” Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend,” and One Republic’s “Appoligize” came from his desire to connect the two genres.

People are (and have always been) made up of emotions, and from the beginning of time, music has been an outlet for the artists and the people around them in the good times and the bad. In the last millennium as well as this one, our souls have always felt the same things. Theo Teris has made the emotional connection for us.