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Tommy Gunn

TommyGunn - Unleash The Hounds, is the labour of love of singer/songwriter Tommy Grasley. Having grown up in a musically inspired family, Tommy, over a 4 year period was able to piece together his ideas! Pouring into the equation his blood, life and tears, and with a little help from friends and family his vision was achieved, culminating in his debut release!!!
Upon completion of his recording endeavours, Tommy felt the need to bring his creations to life on a Rock And Roll stage! Tommy painstakingly scowered the streets of Hamilton searching for the right fit of musicians to breathe life into his music and ideas! After months of auditions and rehearsals Tommy finally found what he was looking for! A group of hard working individuals who would come together on stage and perform the magic of bringing the feel , vibe and life of Tommy`s creations!
Acquiring the commitments of veteran Hamilton Rockers, Ludger Bourassa (Lead & Rhythm Guitars), Bob Barnes (Lead & Rhythm Guitars), Albert Thompson (Bass) and Chris Mills (Drums), and Tommy on Vocals, he has now brought to fruition the seeds of his labours!
We are TommyGunn,,,,and WE ARE COMING TO ROCK YOU!!!!