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Tommy Marcinek

Hi folks! Many people don't know what to think about me since I am so unconventional. That is, my music is multi-dimensional, crossing over many genres of musical styles and forms. You see, I just happen to like so many different styles of music that I enjoy creating songs representing those varied styles. So, take a listen to some of the samples and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Just Released: My first CD "Just The Beginning"

My first CD release "Just The Beginning" is extremely eclectic in that there is no specific genre of music characterized by a particular style, form, or content in which the CD can be catorgorized. For instance, you will find songs like rock (or instrumental rock), a love ballad, instrumental easy-listening, bluesy stuff, Middle Eastern sounding songs specifically written for BellyDancers, disco-sounding, club-sounding, you name it. So, whatever your musical tastes, chances are you might find something that you'll find interesting, and hopefully, want to download and play really loud continuously until your neighbors call the cops (just kidding, of course).

Some personal information: I was born and raised in Staten Island, a suburb of New York City. Some great talent has sprung from that little island over the years. Did you know it now costs $15.00 to go over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge? Is that not insane? But, I digress. Anyway, back to music: I was in a power trio in my younger days. My writing style was much different back then. The music I wrote was very Avant-garde, containing crazy time signatures (like 13/8, 7/4, and many others), lots of accents, starts and stops, dissonant melodies and lots of other weird stuff. But now, I just like it simple. I like to write pleasing melodies and do a couple of screaming guitar solos. LOL.

Appearing on this CD is the venerable and masterful Jim Perry on the Soprano Sax. He is on two of the tunes, Hip-Note-Eyes and Twilight. My son, Tom DeMarco, also makes an appearance playing the melody on a Turkish instrument called the Saz (of Baglama). That song is called Distant Journey. I am playing the rhythm parts and the little improvisational sections. He also co-wrote the song with me. It was a great experience to both write and play in a song with my son! Ah, a Kodak moment!

Please sample the music, and if you like any of it, go ahead and buy the CD or take a chance on one or two individual downloads. It's a lot cheaper than going over the Verrazano bridge! LOL! Later.....Tommy Marcinek.