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Tony Alderman

I make my own records at home and put my heart + soul into every performance. Thanks for visiting.
I don't get out much...

“Simple, catchy melodies, and thoughtful lyrics are what Tony Alderman’s known for. With a career that’s taken him from the UK to Australia, this is one act from the Pre-Mosaic Music festival by Heineken Music you simply can’t miss.

- IS Magazine (Singapore - March 2007)

"Tony is an amazing guitar player, with a soothing voice..."

- Robert M Leggett, Promoter for the Burbank International Film Festival (September 17th 2011)

And well, if I ever did get faqs...

What was the first song that you ever wrote called?
The first song that got finished properly(!) was called ‘some chick’, I wrote it in April 1991. A 'live' version is on 'Bartender Tales'.

What’s one of your favourite songs from your recordings?
My songs? Maybe ‘my oh my’, 'not changed at all', 'bbc paedo protectors'.

How and when did you get started with music?
I loved singing at a young age, and I would write lyrics in my school books.
But it was my friend, Matt Poole that really got me started. We met in October 1988, he was in a band, and I was blown away. He definitely planted the seed, and he taught me the guitar. He also helped me with my first song writing attempts, most notably ‘some chick’, in a car, in Devon.
Thanks for everything Matt.

Were you ever in a band? What was it called?
Formed on 16th October 1992, “Electric Hedge” I was on vocals, Albert Tatlock was on guitar, Darren Bainbridge on Bass & Mark Lindow on drums. We had a blast, brilliant time, more beer (and things) than practice...
We were bloody terrible, but you've gotta start somewhere.

Any others?
Yeah, “Nutters on Nightnurse” early 1994. Chris joined us on drums, because Mark moved to Plymouth, and we had a different sound, so it was only right to change the name. Chris was awesome, so good, he made the rest of us work harder at our own thing. Cheers Chris!
“Mild Green Mango Chutney” may be my favourite however, we were a duo, myself and Albert. It was great. We supported John Otway a few times, he’s a nice fella.

What was your first studio experience like?
It was with the most excellent Les Payne, at his studio in High Wycombe, UK. I had 11 songs that I wanted to record, and we spent a week in early October 2001, getting them down. I found out that I needed to practice LOTS more. It was a real eye opener, and Les is a lovely, lovely, (and VERY talented) man. Thanks mate.
We had our first child in Singapore, and I ended up setting up a small studio at home. You get cut off from the world when you stay at home with babies, it's natural. So, I threw myself into my music. Now I use the attic of our house in California as my studio, it's ace.

And your second?! ('real studio')
A Sharp Studios in Sydney, Australia 2005. This was good to, and it was here that I decided to learn all this lark for myself, so I did. I never used to be shy about singing, in fact, I was a show off. But I'm a wee bit older now, and I like to be alone when I record. Hence, the home studio interest.

Who’s your favourite guitarist?
Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Billy Bragg.

Your favourite band?

Maybe Harry Nilsson, or Otis Reading. John Lydon's awesome as well.

Bass player?

Bonzo. John Bonham.

What’s your favourite record?
Nasty, question! Impossible, partly because it’s forever changing. But, here’s a wee list, in a jumbled order...

PiL - Everything
Robert Johnson - The Collection
Nilsson Schmilsson - Harry Nilsson
Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman
Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
I,II, III and IV - Led Zeppelin
Pretty much everything - Jimi Hendrix
Sea Sew - Lisa O’Hannigan
Never Mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - Pink Floyd
Pearls - Vapour Trail
The Queen is Dead - The Smiths
O - Damien Rice
Billy Bragg - Spy vs Spy
White Ladder - David Gray
OK Computer - Radiohead
Parallel Lines - Blondie
You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish - REO Speedwagon
Blue Lines - Massive Attack
Frankly, anyone that means it.

You make your records at home, how do you do it?
I use GarageBand mostly. I like Logic as well, but it's so awesome that I never seem to get anything done. The first two years were hard, and disheartening, as probably most musicians have found. I had to learn about mic placement, compression, EQ, how to use my interface/pre-amp etc, and find the time to do it! Also I had to learn how to use/tame the sound of the room/s that I was using. It was endless! My first attempts were bloody terrible. But I kept at it, and here we are.
One of the biggest challenges was sound from outside leaking into my mics. We always seem to be close to an airport, so planes feature quite a lot on my records.....
What kind of guitar do you usually play?
An Ibanez dreadnought, the AW200.

Where are you from?
I was born in Paddington, London. I grew up in Gillingham and Chatham, Kent. I moved to High Wycombe when I was 19yrs old, and for some reason or other, have not sat still since. Does anyone? I lived in Australia for 4 years, and then in Singapore, for nearly 5 years, now we live in California.
My Mother's from Dublin, Ireland. My Dad's from London.
Where to next. Who knows. I miss Blighty, but you gotta keep moving...