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Tonya Steiner

I just LOVE TO SING! As a young girl I dreamt of being a big recording artist, singing into a hairbrush to every song on the radio. I then realized that it took more than a hairbrush to ‘Make it Big’. I decided I had better buckle down and do well in school, odds are, that is what will take me through life.

My love for music came back after singing in an adult contemporary choir through the church that I attend. Two years later, I was asked to fill in on the Praise Team, my love for music began to well up in me once again. After five years of singing on the Praise Team, two key members left, I was asked to take the lead position. The lead consisted of choosing four songs weekly that would be fitting for the scripture for that day. Since then, I have not looked back; organizing concerts for all the musical entities of the church; contacting other churches about hosting Worship Services provided by our entire team; and visiting Camp Echoing Hills providing a concert for their campers. Each and every one of these experiences has been life changing!

At this time my love for music grew stronger and stronger, this is when I began to get serious. I began with a vocal coach nearly five years ago. After the first year I realized that I really wasn’t learning much, and wasn’t pleased with my progress. That is when I was introduced to my current coach, Helen Welch. She began teaching me techniques for various singing styles. I began to have a love for old Jazz Standards, some of my favorite artists are Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald; but have also found a place in my heart for newer stylists, Norah Jones and Diana Krall. I am continuing with my training so I may learn more about these wonderful genres, all while adding my own flavor to them. I have grown to realize that it is not about sounding like the original artist when covering a song, but about making the song your own. I choose pieces that speak to me, whether it fits a mood at that particular time or just about my personality in general.

I still have a strong love for Contemporary Christian and Worship Music. Singing for the Lord has brought me to another chapter in my life. Bringing with it confidence, strength and the faith in knowing that God is with us at all times! It is wonderful knowing that singing for Him can bring peace and joy, knowing that
every song you sing is a perfect and pleasant sound in His ears! My life hasn’t been the same since I walked into that church one summer morning with my family.