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Tre Mak

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity, which is why Tre Mak (born H. Cole III) is an opportunity knock away from becoming a star. His lifestyle already mirrors the daily grind associated with that of an artist whom has already received a deal or has a major label push behind them. This young but extremely seasoned rapper has been prepared for this opportunity and what comes with it his whole life. Every rapper worth their weight has a story... but every rapper doesn't always have a story worth listening to. Still underground and surprisingly without a major-label recording contract, he generates the attention of a star. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that has spent five minutes alone with him and didn’t agree. This man was born to be a star… Born in Berkeley, California and spending a decade of his childhood years in the city of Richmond, Ca. there’s not much his young eyes didn’t see in an environment flooded with drugs and murder. In a situation where most of his peers would later mirror what they saw in this atmosphere, Tre would use what he absorbed and convert it into poetry which he began doing at the tender age of seven. Growing up in the 80's rappers were not role models, for the youngsters who wanted to "Ball"... for a look at the rock star life, you looked no further than the pimps, the gangstas, or the drug dealers. It is still unknown today what was the factor that magnetically pulled Tre to the mic, but it was a force that hasn't been separated yet.Tre started writing/ recording tracks in his uncle's garage while kids his age may have still been struggling to put complete and correct sentences together. At the age of 8, he recorded his own little demo... sounds very un-believable but its very true. He passed the demo around Martin Luther King Elementary School, and to the surprise of many, these were amazingly completed songs... hooks, adlibs, etc. His 1st performance came just days later at an assembly in front of the whole school where he performed his song titled "Get An Education". The teachers loved it! Tre's young personality burst on the scene and anyone in attendance realized they were watching something special. Coming out of high school at the start of the new millennium and his family support system being un-aware on just how great he really was, his thoughts of a rap career were forced to the back burner. It was determined that if he was to be successful he needed a college education. This was true for many people, but not in Tre's case... music was in his heart and soul and despite the pushing by family to get out the streets and make a good living taking a 9-5 or obtaining a higher learning, the music won over and he hasn't looked back since. In 2002 he began recording his 1st studio album with his brother and two of his closest friends from the streets of North Highlands by way of Detroit, Michigan, and Oakland, California who also shared in his dream of "making it" rapping. They use to find themselves in all sorts of trouble, rather it be the Law or run-ins with the OG's until they came to realize and utilize music as an outlet. In 2003 the group album dropped... Point Blank : "The Takeover". The buzz was unbelievable and their talent was undeniable. Breezing through a couple thousand cd's in trunk sales, the streets started whispering the request of a Tre Mak solo album. In 2004 the streets got what they wanted, Tre Mak teamed up with producer Vince V. who was also the producer responsible for "The Takeover" album and they whipped up in only a few months the smash debut and hood classic Tre Mak :"The One". Though not as grimy as the group album and not as street as Tre would want it... It worked! Not short on street credibility he knew the streets would embrace it, but this album got the attention of others outside his hood's small radius, which at the time he may have not understood how special that was especially in a city known for strictly underground rap. Six songs off of that debut album were aired on various radio stations all throughout Northern California which increased the buzz that still follows him today. Tre's Present day routine consist of doing hundreds of shows, and various live interviews and performances, also completing and independently releasing his newest project: "So Filthy". In his opinion and the opinion of the hundreds who purchased the album in the 1st week of its release, this is his best work to date. This is the album that will stop us from scratching our heads in dis-belief of why Tre is without a major label deal. " I listen to my fans, if every artist pays attention to their fans they'll know exactly what they want," says Tre Mak " They wanted more ME on this project and that’s what I gave them, 20 tracks of me venting on topics in my life I had yet to discuss." Though Tre's 1st release was saturated with well known artist featured throughout the album, his 2007 release "So Filthy" is definitely a good look at who he really is without using his affiliation with other artist as exposure for himself. Writing, engineering, arranging, and mixing, Tre took the Executive Producer role on this project and put it out on his own independent label Point Blank Muzic. Whether it be your first time hearing him or a returning listener, this album promises to keep your attention. Tre is a very persistent individual, but it is very easy in an industry that gets more and more crowded everyday to get discouraged to believe maybe "your shot" wont come. That Mentality would change for Tre in late 2008 and he would get his shot. Teaming up with West Coast legend DJ quik in October of 2008 after impressing him at a show in Monterey, Ca. Tre was immediately flown to Los Angeles to hop in the studio with super producer G1 and DJ Quik himself. Once again the years of preparation paid off as he repeatedly impressed everyone at the studio verse after verse and song after song. He would then remain in LA and perform live with DJ Quik at numerous shows, while also recording with DJ Quik and Kurupt on their upcoming collabo album "BlaQKout". The one thing that you will notice after one encounter with Tre is that he is very humble. This is a trait noticed by DJ Quik right from the start which made it very easy for any and everyone DJ Quik put in the studio with Tre to work with him and give him great tips or feedback on how his career could reach the next level. Tre Mak is like a sponge, so even if it was something he already knew, he took it in anyway. He appreciates the rappers who came before him and the wisdom they bare, So even as polished as he believed he was, DJ Quik was… and still is very instrumental in adding yet even more polish to this gem. Tre soaked in every bit of knowledge that DJ Quik shared with him and in DJ Quik‘s opinion Tre is now ready to take over the top spot on the West Coast. DJ Quik gets the credit for bringing Tre to LA to play amongst the stars, but in a brief but very productive career Tre has worked with numerous artists such as: 2pac’s Outlaws, Mystykal, No Limit Records, Daz Dillenger, E-40, Keak da Sneak, Yukmouth, Kurupt, Yo-Yo, Darius McCrary, and DJ Quik just to name a few. With Tre's infectious personality and charisma teamed with his " I say what I feel attitude" and yet the remarkable way he can remain so humble, there's no doubt He is Chosen, and will live up to the title of his independent debut album of being... "THE ONE" The One thing he needs and deserves at this point is exposure. With all the artists that these labels annually discover and put out only to drop them a year later, Tre Mak is a sure bet. Once every 5 years or so there comes an artist with a fresh new sound that can change the game. Tre Mak is truly one of those "face of the franchise" kind of rappers.