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1 a: a trembling or shaking usually from physical weakness, emotional stress, or disease b: nervous excitement 2: a quivering or vibratory motion ; especially : a discrete small movement following or preceding a major seismic event3 a: a feeling of uncertainty or insecurity b: a cause of such a feeling... The foundation of this atmosphere was shaped in the early 90's and pursued by a very young Ole Alexander Myrholt. The sculpture was molded through numerous recording sessions before Myrholt decided to unleash the debut, "This is Primitive Hate" released via INRI Unlimited in 2006. Featuring the before mentioned Ole Alexander Myrholt aka S. O. (Archon, Diabolical Breed, Enslavement of Beauty, Hellhaven, Loot the Louvre!, Those Left Behind) on vocals, guitars, drums and Hans AG3 aka Hans Holmen (xEnslavement of Beauty, xGaia Epicus) on hellbent thunder bass!

Available via INRI Unlimited:
"This is Primitive Hate" INRI CD001
"The Lipsynced with Satan EP" INRI CD003.

and available as digital download

"The Poe Sessions - and random pieces of Black Metal"