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Tunde Alaoye


I was born in the 60’s, into a Christian home. My father was a minister and my mother, a School Teacher and very strong woman of God. My grandmother played a prominent role in my growing up and taught me Ekiti language fluently from a very young age. She was not educated but full of wisdom and rich in traditional folk tales that carried moral and cultural lessons with them, which has strongly influenced and truly inspired the Nigerian/African flavour in my music.

I believe in embracing the wisdom of our elders. I teach my children our unrecoverable African heritage, languages, culture, and values. As an example, living in the UK, my wife and I speak Yoruba to our children at home and they are both very fluent at it. From a very young age, I developed a strong sense of self and a clear identity of who I am in Christ. I was called into music ministry early in life too. I have played an active role in Gospel music ministry in the church and have produced a variety of music to bless and feed the children of God. I thank the lord for his blessings and his Grace.

I grew up in a privileged family where we enjoyed living and growing up in Christ in peace, joy and family prosperity. Like everything in life, it was not always perfect. All glory to his name. I also played a strong lead role in my father’s businesses from my early teenage. I have been strongly influenced by classic songs by incredible musicians like Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Orlando Owoh, Fela Kuti and many more. My family grew being inspired by their songs. I have had a lot of support from many good and genuine people. Only God can truely reward them for their part.

Music production and ministration present me with an opportunity to process my emotions and celebrate various aspects of my relationship with Christ. I use song writing to further understand the Christian journey. My debut Album – Good Tidings (Irohin Rere) is a demonstration of this.

In these songs, I celebrate the goodness of God in my music through the union of Marriage, the birth of Christ, his resurrection, Praise, Prayer and testimonies of God's wonders. These have all been packaged in rich cultural music heritage to demonstrating the genius in our traditional African Culture. The ultimate aim is for you to be abundantly blessed as well as ensure you view the world around you with gratitude to almighty God.

My heart has always been in music! What inspires most in this ministry is the satisfying feeling I leave people with during my Live Performances and the joy of their souls being blessed. Putting a band together and gaining acceptance as a musician takes time, consistent effort and strong commitment. My vision is to put my best into every ministration, performance or production and stardom, wealth, acceptance, etc will follow God willing.

I am also applying my business experience in managing my music productions, marketing, and distribution on my own label. This is an ongoing challenge, and not an easy road, but the grace of God enables and empowers us. I am inspired to sing in several languages. Many year as a worship leader and performed in concerts in collaboration with a wide variety of artists. Very diverse music compositions, unique style, excellent quality production and music arrangements.

'Good Tidings' and 'Sweet Wedding' Albums are inspirations from God almighty through Christ Jesus and a dip, into the well of inspiration he has given unto us. The lord will bless you as you purchase listen and enjoy his message. Performed in both English and Yoruba, my songs are loaded with messages, complemented by unique lead and backing vocals, quality use of African percussions complimented with rich multiple guitar and piano harmony.

My work is recorded in analogue format, to capture the natural rich sound that goes into the production that mirrors a live performance and transferred to multi-track. I believe in this old fashioned approach to recording. This keeps the feeling on an album fresh, original and you can hear us all in agreement amongst rich traditional percussion instruments. This approach makes the music style fluid and unpredictable, the inspiration clean and fresh, hard to categorise or duplicate and lively. This is the well of inspiration that the lord has blessed us with.

God is a happy God!

Tunde Alaoye