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Metal/Punk: Heavy Metal Rock: Glam Moods: Type: Experimental

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United States - New York


Tween is a two-man bass (Anthony Kingsley) and drums (Matthew O'Koren) duo that combines the brutality of schizophrenically accented drumming and corrupt oceans of distorted bass guitar with the precision of modern rock and the arrangements and vocals of classic pop. The two studied music together at Bard College and have combined their backgrounds in noise, free jazz, and classical percussion to create a band for the modern day - a band that delivers jaw-dropping performances and unique soundscapes, and refuses to be subsumed into the growing trend of non-sequiterism and aloofness of content. Tween does not accept the narrative of the 21st century American as a passive recipient of pre-packaged culture. In defiance, Tween utilizes the two musical elements most commonly relegated to the background to portray the true modern American condition - one of simultaneous immersion and solitude.