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Twist of Zen

Take a walk with Twist of Zen down a musical path of discovery.
Each track contains moments frozen in time exploring various aspects of experience linked through a unity of theme and an eclectic mix of music that draws from various genres, styles and areas of the world.
Join us for a unique experience and let be a part of creating an experience that we can share together and with others.
Currently, Twist of Zen works hard on a new album to be released. It will be an album in the spirit of a youthful, but matured, Pink Floyd, with a spiritual (more ‘moralistic’) tone to it.
Filled with ironies, the music and the lyrics are ‘twists’ on what one would normally think of as genre music -- we really don’t fit into any specific genre, yet, at the same time, we’re working hard to find some warm temporary shelter in a number of genres.

The focus is typically on the song:
What music/performance will best suit the message of the song, regardless of genre.?
This makes the recording process much more difficult, but having made many demos to get a ‘feel’ for this approach, the results have been more than satisfactory.
Twist of Zen aims to increase our fan base to justify the expense of a studio album.
Currently, the bulk of the recording is done from a home studio utilizing a great DAW, and wearing many ‘hats’.
Twist of Zen will be releasing material to various radio statitions, and embarking on mini-tours where we do have a solid fan base and interest to be seen.
We have had some label interest already.
From there, we take things in a Zen-like way.
Leon's been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years. His drumming influences are John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Bill Bruford, Bill Martin, Max Roach, and Billy Cobham.
Other musical influences include The Flaming Lips, The Pixies and Sonic Youth.
Leon's interests include martial arts, photography, poetry and drawing.
"Creativity is the gift we all posses as human beings.
"I believe it is our responsiblity to actively practice it."
Currently Leon is a martial art (jujutsu) instructor (Sensei) and a successful gymnastics coach.
Mike’s been playing guitar since he was 15 (30th Anniversary this year). His early influences were Bob Marley, The Police, Clapton (him personally and his affiliations with others), Hendrix and Page (moreso for their ‘sonic creativity’ via recording techniques and manipulations), Pink Floyd (up to the Final Cut album, INXS, April Wine, U2, a few others, and Tchaikovsky (moreso for his creative use of time signatures and rhythmic structures).
Mike’s still not the greatest technical precision note player -- however, that’s balanced by his ability to play “emotively.”

Mike’s been writing songs almost entirely with Leon nearly as long as long as he’s learned to strum chords. In fact, Twist of Zen, is currently working on re-recording/modernizing those early songs and making them more palatable to a new audience.
He comes to music as someone who loves the complexities of arranging the tones, timbres, timing and recording of music.