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Typhoid Rosie

Typhoid Rosie is composed of an Ivy League graduate and comedian turned singer-song writer (Rosie Rebel), a classically trained bassist (Nathan Clark), and two of NYC's finest seasoned veteran ska and reggae musicians (Phil Wartell and Patrick Meyer). Despite the band's deep roots in the NYC ska and Reggae scene, Typhoid Rosie has formed a unique sound that cannot be defined in a single genre. They started with one founding principle: No Reggae! Their sound has been compared to: A female Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Fiona Apple, Patti Smith, Garbage, and X.

Rosie Rebel spent ten years of her life honing her skills as a comedian. After working a series of soul-sucking jobs to support her clown dreams, she returned to college to finish her bachelor's degree. Rosie began to understand the burdens of knowledge, discovering the worst of mankind's qualities being played out in a viscous cycle. Until now, it always satisfied her to make people laugh. After taking a mandatory music class at Columbia University, she began playing the ukulele and her great grandmother's organ. Music provided her with an outlet to discuss serious issues. A student who barely passed high school, Rosie graduated with high honors from Columbia University. She soon realized that she was evolving into more than a comedian. Her musical creativity was illuminated and songs began to pour out of her. At first, she was very shy about playing music and singing in front of others, having spent most of her time with her professional musician friends. So she compiled songs and lyrics, waiting for the right moment to introduce them. Rosie's husband described her early music as, "a raping of all of his senses". The first boost of confidence came from a visit from the virtuoso, Victor Ruggiero who encouraged Rosie to keep writing and playing music. There was only one thing left to do, start a band.

The original members of Typhoid Rosie were Matt Burdi, Jack Wright, Jonathan Watchtel (El Jay) and Rosie Rebel. Together they rehearsed for a month and played one show at the Bowery Poetry Club. Phil joined the band after Matt Burdi and Jack Wright resigned to put all of their energy into their band, The Forthrights. Phil, Rosie's best critic saw progress in Rosie's development and agreed to join Typhoid Rosie. Since then, Phil has been the most dedicated drummer and backbone of structure that the band needed. Typhoid Rosie briefly welcomed guitar player, Juan Cardenas. They played another show at the Bowery Poetry Club. Then Juan left New York to move to Los Angeles to pursue his first love, directing porn in Hollywood. It was at this time, Juan was followed out by El Jay on account of being, “swamped in pussy.”

Typhoid Rosie regained momentum after Patrick Meyer was introduced to Rosie and Phil by their mutual friend and estranged family member Uncle Sketchy. Patrick and his trusty main rig added that fiery dose of ballsy guitar playing, a time-honored tradition dating back to ZZ Top and the Dead Boys. Patrick's bluesy riffs and jangly tone clearly demonstrate why many across NYC and the land itself refer to him as The Chocolate Milk Man. Patrick knew that the band needed a deviant bass player. He went straight to the source to drink from the teat of low thunder. It was through Patrick that Typhoid Rosie found its much needed missing piece. Known to Typhoid Rosie as Nazty Nate, Nathan Clark provided the necessary prowess to complete the band's rhythm section. Perhaps it is Nate's classical background that added to Typhoid Rosie's unique style of music. The classically trained double bassist received a scholarship to the Hartt School of Music where he studied under Robert Black. Teaming up with Typhoid Rosie, Nasty Nate turned his eye towards rock & roll and the blues. The band wrote and rehearsed and arranged in Phil and Rosie's attic through the winter of 2012.

After Rosie's last rendezvous with comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Patrick's recovery from a vicious raccoon attack in Brooklyn, Typhoid Rosie was ready to record their first album. The man who once called Rosie's music “a raping of all of his senses” produced and organized the making of Typhoid Rosie's first album. After jump starting their car, the four piled in with the main rig and were off to New Jersey to record with the notorious, Jimmy Sweet Sounds. Sweet Sounds not only had the appropriate indoor plumbing, but also the sonic vision to lay the tracks for the future of rock and roll.

The Music Album offers a wealth of musical and philosophical inspiration: From rollicking sea shanty ballads, Aztec literature, straight up rockers, Maury Povich, paternity tests, washed up strippers, secret pockets with dirty secrets, wasted lives, matadors, wolves, citadels, storms, the death of Chris Farley, and stax-inspired soul: “I dare you to stop at one.” The twelve songs run such a gamut that it's difficult to pinpoint an all-encompassing genre. With The Music Album pressed up and ready for consumption, Typhoid Rosie is a freight train of rock & roll. With an energetic, balls-to-the-wall stage show and genuine mastery of traditional American music, Typhoid Rosie is ready to bring it's twisted barrage of sound to the masses.