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Udi Spielman

Cantor Udi Spielman was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is the great-grandson of Rabbi Zerach Banet, one of the key founders of Tel Aviv. Both of Udi’s grandfathers were Cantors who planted the seed within him to grow to become a Cantor. Listening to them chant services throughout his childhood profoundly influenced his love for Cantorial music (Chazzanut). Cantor Spielman went into the Israeli Air Force where he performed with his orchestra. In 2000, Udi retired from performing to study Chazzanut. Cantor Spielman studied at and graduated from the Cantorial Institute of Tel Aviv under the great Cantor Naftali Herstik, the Chief Cantor of the great Synagogue in Jerusalem, Chantor Chaim Feifel and composer Raymond Goldstein. Cantor Spielman is the Chief Cantor at B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton.

Varda Noga Spielman’s formal musical career started when she joined the IDF “Northern Command Musical Troupe” as a singer for two years. Her solo, “Geshem Aharon” (Last Rain) was listed as one of the most broadcasted songs ever in Israel. In the early eighties she was part of a very famous Israeli Female pop group “Sexta” for five years. One of their number one hits was “Noladeti la Shalom” (I was Born for Peace) which was especially written for the visit of the Egyptian president Anuar Sadat to Israel and the peace agreement with Egypt. Later, Varda joined the “Udi Spielman band” as one of the lead singers. After a short time, she became Mrs. Spielman … and a mother of three strapping boys. Today, she is Dr, Varda Spielman, a clinical social worker who recently completed her PhD.