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Ulf Jordal

I originate from Bergen, Western Norway, it is from here I have finally taken a step forward to share my music with a wider audience. Hopefully “Heartbeat Of Time” takes you on a journey from progressive rock, traditional AOR and pop to powerful classic ballads.

It all started with classical piano, but like many others I changed my taste, in music, as a teenager. Influenced by AOR and West Coast music from the 1980`s I started writing my own material. Playing in different local rock bands, my composing became stronger, and I made several recordings, but sadly they were never released. I then took a u turn, and for many years I played in a traditional jazz big band. At first playing piano, then piano and vocals, finally I took the big step forward, to stand in front as a lead singer. This gave me new opportunities, and I finally found my place. For many years I appeared in many different projects and this also gave me a chance to try out my new material.

Although it has taken some time for my debut album to be released, the variety of influences has defined me as an artist and brought me closer to my musical expression. My music is influenced by different genres, although West Cost / American Oriented Rock has always been closest to my heart. The ways they add and arrange elements into the music, have always fascinated me. The shifts and turns off melody, from minor to major and so on make it so much more interesting. I have tried to put some of these elements into my music, and hopefully I have succeeded. I also think Heartbeat Of Time has a wide range of songs that can reach a large audience. I have always wanted to show a great range in my vocal performances, and I think practicing and rehearsing have made the difference. The background vocals were one of the elements I wanted to stand out. This has been a very important part of the process, and I wanted the harmonies to blend nicely into the tight arrangements. My efforts to write my own lyrics have improved over the years, from easy love ballads, to a more political agenda, and the mysterious turns in life, they all tell a story hopefully giving the listener time to reflect.


Lead Vocals Ulf Jordal
Background Vocals Ulf Jordal
Piano & All Other Keyboards Ulf Jordal
Drums Torgeir Bjordal
Bass Anders Bitustøyl
All Clean & Acoustic Guitars Eivind Kvamme
All Lead & High Gain Guitars Tobben
Bass Tore Mæhle
(One More Try, Every Connection, Love in Harmony,)
Lead Guitars Eivind Kvamme
(Start Believing)
High Gain Guitars Eivind Kvamme
(One More Try, Heartbeat of Time, Look Out)

Production & Recordings

Produced & Arranged by Ulf Jordal
Co-Produced Torgeir Bjordal
Except (Start Believing)
Produced & Arranged by Bjordal & Jordal
Recorded & Engineered at Sing-IT studio by Torgeir Bjordal
Mixed at Eirik Grønner
Mastering by Tobben
Sound Design & Reamping \ Processing
of all High Gain Guitars by Tobben
All Background Vocal arrangements by Ulf Jordal
String arrangements on Fight For Love by Erlend Fauske & Ulf Jordal
Foto Kristin Eide
Cover & Design Ingis

I think I have found an excellent mix of musicians on this album, with their various backgrounds, they complete the songs and put new and interesting musical elements into the album.

Torgeir Bjordal, on drums, has a lot of experience from various styles, but I fast found out that his passion for AOR and West Cost beats could give the right groove to the album. Since he also has experience in songwriting and production he was a natural choice. The album was recorded at his studio, “Sing It Studio”, he also contributed as co-producer, songwriter and co-arranger. From his years at LIPA he also has established an impressive network within publishing and may be an important part of getting the album onto the international market.
Anders Bitustøyl, on bass guitar, comes from the Norwegian countryside, he moved to my home town in 1998, and has since then been an important part of the music scene in Bergen both as a session musician and live performer. He is known for his versatility, and has appeared with numerous local and national artists, such as Karin Park, Ephemera, Jan Eggum and Morten Abel.

Tore Mæhle, also on bass guitar, comes from Western Norway, and has appeared on different local projects in Bergen. He is as steady as a rock and has a more traditional style of playing. He was a natural choice for many of the ballads on the album.

Eivind Kvamme, on guitar, also has great versatility in style. After many years at the Leeds College of Music BA (Hons) Jazz Studies and Grieg Academy - Institute for music in Bergen, his main musical interest the last years has been jazz. He has appeared as a member, musician, composer and arranger in bands such as Poor Rich Ones, and Karin Park. He also has appeared as a session musician with William Hut, Camilla Davilà (US), The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and various Jazz Bigbands.

Tobben, also on guitar, comes from a different part of the music scene in Bergen. His style is mostly influenced by progressive rock and heavy metal. He is known for his brilliant guitar work, and has created his own musical expression and sound and has throughout the years appeared in different projects in Bergen. Since 2000 has had his main focus on production, sound and software testing. He was also a natural choice for the mixing process, and has been an important part of finding the right sound on the album. He also mastered the recording.

Eirik Grønner has made a great effort mixing this album. From his studio “Ravneberg and Demning” he has recorded and produced for over twenty years, both, local, national and international artists. His experience, and his interest in AOR and West Coast music and the chemistry between the three of us in the studio made the big difference. He has managed to create space for all elements on the album.

In my opinion the album is strong and has twelve tracks that can stand the test of time. I think the variation both in styles and musical expression makes it interesting. Hopefully the listener will think the same on hearing it.