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Kennard Garrett is an American record producer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and musician of pop, R&B, hip-hop, country and children’s music.  He is currently a member of the production/writing team The Rush, with writer, musician and artist Kameron Corvet.  Kennard’s studio, simply known as 900 because of its street address in Atlanta, Georgia, is a place of raucous energy, luxe music and creativity.

Kennard’s musical sound is prodigious.  His natural command of chords and riffs facilitates the gorgeous melodies, strong hooks, and raw rhythms he creates.  He credits his sound to a love of good music and has been inspired by many greats like Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, and David Foster.

A musician since the tender age of three when he first started playing piano, Kennard began producing professionally in 2004.  He joined the production team Clubba Langg in 2005, producing fire with Raymond “Rayza” Olgesby, Yirayah Garcia, and the Grammy winning engineer Ralph Cacciurri.

In 2007, Kennard and Clubba Langg were signed by mega-hit writer Sean Garrett (no relation) as producers to The Practice: Team S. Dot/Bet I Penned It Music.  Kennard has produced and/or received musician/arranger credit individually or with Clubba Langg for numerous chart-topping compositions, including Sean Garrett’s “What You Doin’ With That” record from his 2008 Turbo 919 album; Jesse McCartney’s “How Do You Sleep?” record from his 2008 Departure album; the Pussy Cat Dolls’ “Bottle Pop” record from their 2008 Doll Domination album; Raven Symoné’s “Stupid” and “Girl Get It” records from her 2008 self-titled Raven-Symoné album; Lil Mama’s “College” record from her 2008 VYP (Voice of the Young People) album; Korean pop star BoA’s “Energetic” record from her 2009 self-titled BoA album; and Sean Garrett’s 2011 single “Feel Love” featuring Drake, re-released featuring J. Cole.  “I work really hard to create fundamentally good music; music just about anyone would want to listen to today and in 25 years,” says Kennard.  “I believe that my talent is a blessing from God, and I am determined to use my gifts to inspire others.”

Kennard owns and operates his own publishing company and label, Quantum SteadyState, LLC.  He is also a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, where he currently serves on the Atlanta Chapter’s Producers and Engineers Wing.

In addition to his music career, Kennard worked for over seven years in business development and as a project manager for Southern Company, a leading U.S. producer of electricity and the premier energy company serving the southeast.  He is a graduate of Morehouse College with a degree in applied physics, and Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) with a degree in mechanical engineering.