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Vasilisk (born Vasily Fotin) is a ground-breaking new artist with a diverse background. His own particular style of symphonic hard rock is influenced by a past filled with grunge, hard-knocks, good times and classical opera training. Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentleman.
Vasilisk’s innovative form of music has been 14 years in the making, taking a good deal of training, perseverance and experience to reach this stage.
Now it’s time to hear his stuff …

Both the music and its creator have been on a long journey to get to this point: from tough streets in Moscow, to recording studios in Hollywood, to the opera studios of Dusseldorf.
All of these influences and more have combined together to create an innovative form of symphonic hard rock that is both melodious and powerful. Harmonics - with a helpful dose of crunk.
The raw edge to Vasilisk’s music is derived from a tough upbringing in the streets of Moscow where gang violence, street fights and in-school brawls were part of the daily life – no small undertaking for a year 7 pupil.
Vasilisk’s mother was not especially pleased to discover a pair of brass knuckles lurking in her ten year old son’s school bag and sent him to the International School of Dusseldorf in Germany to improve his chances.
Transferring to a school in Germany that speaks English as a first language was no easy move, especially when you’re a Russian who doesn’t speak English – bad times.
Strict piano lessons from an early age almost put Vasilisk off music for life.
“Music was something I hated deeply,” he says, “but things change with time...”

Fortunately a birthday present from his parents, a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, saved his musical bacon.
“That’s the point where my life began,” says Vasilisk. He devoted himself to playing and learning guitar techniques, mostly giving up on other distractions such as computer programming and web design, semi pro tennis and skateboarding. Like many a young guitar player, bands such as Offspring, Metallica and Nightwish were among his inspirations.
Unlike most other metal guitar players however, he then made the unusual decision to take on classical training, being taught by Germany’s top opera singers and going on to play 3-hour long leading roles in productions such as Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte”, bringing back some of those old-skool 18th century flavours. Uh, what?
Now he is finally ready to play the music he always dreamed of playing. Time to go rock some joints with crunking guitar-work and operatic power in abundance.