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We reluctantly talk about us. We reluctantly talk about our projects. We are reluctant to pride ourselves, although a praise feels good. And we certainly rather play music than talk. Let the masters of written text speak…

The group Veronica became famous in 1993 with the multimedia project called Veronica that was recorded and later also played by television networks Televizija Slovenija, Kanal A and television programme Studio City on TV SLO. At the time, the group was composed of Boštjan Leben – guitar, Matej Oset – keyboards, Mario Barišič – bass guitar and Franc Podgoršek – drums. The same cast had then in 1994 provided its music to accompany the teletext and videography of the television network Televizija Slovenija. The music was played on the first and second channel of the TV SLO until the year 1997.

In the meantime (1995), the record label Helidon had published the group's first record called Perspective. Hardly ever there is a case in Slovenia to come across the "non-commercial potential" project where members of a music group are ready to invest as much as it seemed worthy, with the help of the company Vecronia, for the members of Veronica.

In the same year, the multimedia promotion of the CD took place at the Festivalna Dvorana venue in Ljubljana, and the modern poetry, expressive dance and laser and other special light effects were included into the group's live performance.
The year after, Veronica was nominated for the best instrumental, film and scene music award Zlati petelin. In December 1996, the musical-drama project Veronika&Friderik took place, and then Oset and Podgoršek went to studio. The music on the CD Natura Naturans is composed for keyboards and percussion instruments, and other additional instruments complement Podgoršek's nearly minimalistic playing on percussions and Oset's classic approach to playing piano in almost a rock manner. Veronica wouldn't be Veronica if the project again hadn't been undertaken without thinking of the profit. If you just have a look at it, the CD entitled Natura Naturans is indeed an expensive project. The CD cover is made of two types of selected veneer, that is, maple (front cover) and walnut (back cover). For the first time, the live performance of the CD music took place on 9 July at the Lent Jazz Festival.

The authors of the music on the second CD are the founder members Matej Oset and Franc Podgoršek, however to the project were also invited experienced and various musicians like Igor Bezget (guitar), Aleš Uratnik (guitar), Cveto Polak (bass guitar) and Aleš Ulaga (bass guitar). Natura Naturans brings the instrumental mood music, though this fact is the only connection to the previous project. As said by Oset and Podgoršek, the music is based upon the idea of the coexistence of nature and music and it offers the sound experience that overcomes the split between urban and natural environment, between passing and eternal, between regularities of a swift moment and timeless rhythms of nature. Thus the wood, thus about the wood, the symbol of persistent growth with attributes of beauty, nobleness and eternity.

Brane Piano

Aquasphera – a mixture of perceptions and senses
The multimedia project ambitiously combines the musical landscape of the group Veronica and their music guest Lado Jakša with his dance expression Plesni teater Igen. Besides cultural experience, technically and operationally demanding project offered a new quality of sound and picture.
The viewing was meant for those who got the opportunity to know the Aquasphera, the water world of thousand endless possibilities where only selected become our reality. Observers of the project were converted into receivers of total emotional perceptions. Through the moment in the real time, they entered a single day and eternity at the same time, a transitoriness and timelessness. Water also remembers and changes, we mar it with our human interventions and therefore destroy the only world that is able to nurture us. Do we make right decisions? How can we change them? How is going to be the day of tomorrow?
Those who like the experimental instrumental music know the group Veronica very well because it has been active for more than 10 years. Through its main distinctive features, unconventional music and directed meaningfulness of music, it has been placed among special musicians in Slovenia.
The artist Lado Jakša, a photographer and musician, who probably doesn't need special introduction, has added a characteristic picturesque and musical expression with his universal perception of world and nature to the project Aquasphera.
Within the dance studio Celje, the Plesni teater Igen connects educational and pedagogical work, artistic creation and its performance. They have been occupied with modern expression dance for 25 years. They tour around the globe, and due to their excellent performances they have received numerous domestic and international awards.
Technical performance, that have recreated the power of nature, is carried out by the project group Triangel, composed of experienced specialists: MK Light Sound with special light and sound effects, Vecronia in the field of scenography and Allcomb with digital technology and video production. .

Urban Centa

Natura Naturans (review by dr.Music)
Finally a CD by a Slovenian music group with global sound! However that doesn't mean that the quartet Veronica from Celje sounds like hundred thousand other Anglo-American, German and Roman products of the music industry, but only that the music on the Veronica's new record is of equal quality as by any other music group that is recognized in popular music. It is considered equal also due to its individuality and inability to classify itself. The best label, in the widest sense of the word, is "experimental music group". Nothing is defined, anything is possible. Perhaps this is one of the guidelines of the music production that could be called as almost perfect, but such a definition would set boundaries, what is just too far from the truth. Therefore I can help myself only by mentioning the excellent instrumentation of those surprisingly multi-layered music where, above all, percussions and keyboards stand out. Each rhythmic beat is where it should be, though those placements constantly change... It is impossible to catch a pattern. Keyboards provide a feeling of freedom due to its constant movements from the lyrical world of melodies into the world of indefinite tonalities (and some other). There is also a bass and a guitar that along with percussions and keyboards mix into extremely rich music world, where there is no room for any extra sound. Indeed – it is an instrumental music that everyone has already heard, though in a slightly different manner: Veronica is the author of the music played as a teletext theme between the years 1994 and 1997 (and which was mostly more attractive than written messages on the screen). The music, though slightly changed, appeared on the Veronica's first CD, and the present is yet another CD with contextual support, however the music is differently classified and various. 9 instrumentals present 9 journeys in time and space at choice. The titles provide some basic orientation: Quercus, Tilia, Prunus, Pinus, … Weird names, however the songs are entitled with Latin family names for trees, therefore the translations of the above titles would be oak tree, linden tree, plum tree and pine tree. The title of the CD alone implies on the connection with nature and means »creating nature«. And then there is also a CD cover, that is, an artistic appearance of the CD. The front page is made of maple veneer and the back page of walnut veneer. If one would judge the CD by its appearance, one could expect something different and extraordinary. For example, one could feel the difference between passing and eternal, between the weightiness of a swift moment and lightness of timelessness.

Dario Cortese