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Vic Dean

Vic Dean is the latest creative alias for the Hyrdolic Sno-Men and SWAG front man, Jimmy Harrell.

Originally from Adkins, Texas, a tiny town south east of San Antonio, he now resides in Michigan. He is an Air Force Veteran that some time ago decided to take a break from music to marry, finish college, start a family & a business. Although he has never stopped writing, he has recently "officially" returned to the music scene in both TX and MI.

Initially, upon returning to the scene, he intended to focus on a traditional acoustic / singer songwriter format. However, because of lack of talent and past influences (or corruptions) and an enjoyment for alternative / experimental formats he is still searching for his musical "sweet spot". Lyrically, he has been described as dark & deep but does enjoy a tongue-in-cheek-don't-take-yourself-too-serious approach to some topics. While musically, he has received some minor nods to his new focused ability to actually play the electric and acoustic guitar - albeit quirky and southpaw. He does ultimately prefer an abstract yet semi-confessional approach to songwriting.

Vic Dean has no official end game with his latest music endeavor, commenting: "It's just good self-therapy". He does write his own lyrics and music and has self-recorded, produced & published two homegrown CD's to date: Irony & Paradox and Sensory. He is endlessly pondering how to best channel his creative energies, while upgrading his studio to start yet another project.