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Vices and Adulation

Fabian Upton - Instruments
Lucy-may Upton - Vocals and Production

We have one full album out with complete focus on guitar soloing, think Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Buckethead.

Various vocal singles, with more on the way.

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Twitter - @VicesAdulation -free live streaming all tracks -like us/become a fan! - we are No1 in the Reverbnation Local Chart =)

“The titans of heavy metal known as Vices and Adulation have released their instant classic single, “Dragon Princess 2” to broad critical and fan acclaim. The track is a roaring, soaring, waterfall of sound and audio violence that showcases the band’s precision and creativity in spades. With clear, clarion vocals and explosive, lightning-fast guitar shredding, “Dragon Princess 2” is a track that proves Vices and Adulation are more than rock music’s recent addition – they’re gods of today’s heavy metal pantheon. The genius of Vices and Adulation in “Dragon Princess 2” comes from many angles at once. Vices gets their uniquely dark sound from the contrast of the delicate, gorgeous vocals of singer Lucy-may against the rushing, crushing electric guitar work of Fabian Upton. Lucy-may’s voice is not unlike the singing of crystal glasses when a finger is run along their rims."

“Absorbed Finesse Review: This is the type of genre that is going to be huge. Real strong track. Brilliant vocal artist, powerful with beauty of a harmonious voice that strikes all the listen with a stunning respect for the band. Instrumentally very very good, hugely catchy tune. Grrat beat and a good mix in the change up of pitch and key. The tempo is great and flows so well, keep on these lines its going to be a big hit, festivals, record and download sales even video game backing tracks and soundtracks, this wilk be a hit. Great mix up of two worlds of beauty, cant wait to hear more please. 10 out of 10. It's a hit, and I can see it on television and in the movie industry.”

“Chasing the Skyline Review: The artist had fierce vocal tones, pitches, and was able to sing a long smoothly to the instrument's making this song have a fantastic harmony.I enjoyed the pumping guitar's, loud drum's and energetic verses, chords and thought everything had good addition's to make a lovely track.I think this song had a lot of potential to be a hit on the radio. Why aren't many singers' adapting to this method with the melody. Its like they chose not to make the melody stand out from the lyrics. I adore the introduction of the soprano singer. She has vocal skills that are topnotch. Her vocal pitch is high enough to notice with her bars. It is like every measure is noticeable and you can pick out all the good in it. Her vocals are way better than Selena Gomez. Selena can hardly construct credible vocals that can win people over. This lovely singer won this song over. I feel that she could sing to millions of people.”

“A Passing Glance Review: The loud guitar caught me from the start.The vocal's used awesome pitches, tones and the overall structure of the vocal quality sounded amazing.The drum's and guitar's were played at a loud, speedy pace which made this song alive.The great element's about this track was the way the vocals combined with the instrument's naturally and were strong.The hook of this song was the harmony and melody were catchy, fun to listen to and pleasing.The lyric's were something i could relate to and something i would catch myself humming all day.overall i think this artist has a ton of potential and would be able to have a lot of fan's on the radio especially as this artist sound's similar to Paramore and Evanscence. Incredible. I really enjoy good female vocalists. This song overall really ROCKED and you nailed it all the way through. Amazing work. I love what you did here. Your vocal harmonies were on point.10 out of 10.”

“Vices and Adulation songs are very interesting. The use of different instruments is uplifting. Even though most releases are instrumental at the moment, the tones are impressive and fun. No words are needed when someone can play this good. Great use of different melodies, and they all fit well together. I am looking forward with great anticipation to more vocal/instrumental releases from this EXTREMELY TALENTED artist.”

“Magma Inferno: The introduction has a galactic feel to it and is edgy. The electric guitar part at the beginning of the song sounded well played and made the song cool. The build up just before 1 minute 30 was quite tactful and sounded good. THE INSTRUMENTALS OVERALL ARE PLAYED WELL, AND SHOWCASE TALENT.”

“Flickering Resource: This starts so well, with its fine guitar solo and metal guitars and you just sit waiting for the vocal. Instead we are treated to more guitar dynamics and some very nice fretwork in the background. Drumming is fine and keeps pushing the whole thing along although the bass literally just sits as filler. The multi-tracking of the guitars is well done and the production never lets one sound obscure another. Very well written guitar instrumental and the execution and performance is stand-out. High points really are the use of the dual guitar solos, which harmonize brilliantly with each other. It really makes everything in music worth while when you here a talented musician plying his trade, so despite the instrumental nature and brevity of the track, I will support this artist with a high score and highly recommend them in the hope of hearing much more from their talented fingers.”

“Hypnotic Tap: This song can sit up their with the all time greats. Melody and deep meaning. The instruments are played extremely well. It was a song unlike any other. Impeccably thought out - possessing qualities to captivate any listener. It is song I would recommend to anyone. This song is like the role model for rock and roll. This song is very funky and diverse. The beats on this song are unique and very original. I enjoyed listening to this instrumental. Very casual feeling with this song. Provides motivation and inspriation. I could hear this playing on the radio already. Buy this song!”

“Lets Go: Beautiful guitar arrangement and execution. A driving beat, that picks you up and carries you away. Ageless. Aggressive but calming. A well blended sound of instruments. Beautiful sound effects. High energy and motivating intrumentally. Top of the charts! This is the type of song you have to listen to loud. Awesome guitar. This definitely caught my attention amidst the other demos I have to listen to. The dueling guitars are played so quickly yet so clean and tight. The notes that they hit do not sound bad in the least bit and this song was well thought out and practiced. The melody is easy to follow even though there are not any vocals in this song. The drummer is great with the double bass and playing so fast. They were so in sync with each other in this song it sounded awesome! The instrumentals in the introduction of this song are strong and contain impressive qualities. The commercial potential of this song is medium to high due to its amazing instrumental qualities”

“Lets Go: This is a very melodic ballad metal guitar solo song, I like the use of techniques used such as sweeping, pinch harmonics, hammer ons and pull offs and many more to boot. The piece is in 4/4 and its in a minor key, this is an inspiration to all metal players it has depth, emotion and imagination to it as it wanders into the classical ballad style too! This is brillaint to me, best I have heard all day, it has many guitars, drums and bass and it's very well structured throughout. The intro to this song has a powerful tone. Great use of the many different instruments and also the guitar solo is on point! This instrumental is not like any of the others I've heard. Usually instrumentals are 'elevator music' but this song is far from it. This rock and roll song doesnt need lyrics, the beats explain it all - highly recommended 8.5/10”

“A Blazing Shroud: I really love the opening part of this song. The guitar solo and riffs are just amazing and out of this world. This is a kickin' metal song, and I love it. The drums are nice and hard and heavy, exactly like they should be. The guitars are my favorite part of this song, they're just so sick and heavy. This whole song feels like one big guitar solo, and it's a good one at that. This song is a great piece of metal artwork. The lead guitar was skillfully played on this track, the other instruments on this track gave the song a lot of structure and depth. The guitar solo at 1.10 was fantastic, it was really exciting and interesting to listen to. I would however liked to have heard vocals on this track”

“A Blazing Shroud: Really solidy produced progressive rock track with masterfully executed solos and solid arrangement, lending the attention to the lead guitar and stomping riffs which have enough originality and change of pace to keep it interesting and constantly evolving. Some really beautiful progressions and dual solos make this a real treat to listen to, reverting back to a rumbling riff, dipping in and out of sugary sweet solos, great work from a professional and competent band with a taste for making traditional music contemporary.”

“Totally cool tracks, the beats are just right for the bass, guitar player got a chance to really stand out on these. A lot more songs need to be out there like this. Hit all the way!”