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Victor Spiegel •
Victor Spiegel
Victor Spiegel is involved in every aspect of music from performing solo piano concerts to composing and recording film scores. Starting at the age of five, Victor began his study of piano and has been performing ever since his first recital at the age of six. In high school he joined the jazz band and went on to win with them and his own jazz combo the coveted Hollywood Bowl Battle of the Bands Sweepstakes Award.

His training in conducting, composing, arranging, and orchestration have brought him commissions from dance (Jean Erdmann, Ellen Bromberg, The Moving Company), theater (Berkeley Repertory, California Shakespeare Festival), commercials (Apple Computer, Lockheed, University of California) film and documentaries (Empire Pictures, James Culp Productions) as well as record albums, audiocassettes and CDs. He has also performed solo piano and jazz ensemble concerts of his own compositions. His body of work includes symphonic, string quartets, operas, and song cycles, electronic and chamber ensemble pieces.

His most recent interest is the unusual blending of jazz and Middle Eastern musics. He has also composed appropriate music for over fifty museum audio tour tapes leading him to explore Indonesian, Tibetan, Mayan, Impressionist, and other extremely diverse styles of music. Victor’s ability to absorb and synthesize many “dialects” of music marks him as an unusual and exciting contributor to the creative world of sound.

Victor Spiegel’s directing experience includes operas, children’s theater, and stage and film productions.

Academy of Sciences Addison-Wesley, Inc.
Apple Computers, Inc. Bantam Books, Inc.
Chicago Art Museum Digital Equipment Corporation
Empire Pictures Glaxo, Inc.
KQED-TV, San Francisco KTVU-TV, Oakland
Lockheed Missiles & Space Nova (WGBH - Boston)
Port of Oakland Sprint, Inc.
Bandai, Inc. Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Born February, 1948 Los Angeles, California
Moved to Australia 2006
Wrote, directed, produced, narrated Full Moon Over Faulconbridge 2007, 2009

CD Albums
Little Ditties – original songs, released digitally 2007
Totem – original songs with Adria Amenti, 2004
Evocation – Original solo piano compositions, 2002
Darvish – Trio of world fusion chamber music, 2002
Healing Series – 2006
Horses of Life - 2004
Industrial, Video and Multimedia
Introduction to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories Bridge Media (2003)
Piecing Memories: Recollections of Internment Civil Liberties Education program (2000)
The New Millennium – hour-long review of 1900-2000, no narration. KRON-TV (2001)
Science in Action – University of California TV show, Lorisa Brannon (2000)
Anatomy of an Electric Shock - Video, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (1999)
Imperialism 2 - CD Rom game Frog City/Broderbund (1998)
ESnet video series - Lawrence Berkeley Livermore National Laboratories (DOE) (1997)
Jobs for Youth - EDD (Employment Development Department) video (1997)
Women in Science - CD Rom, McLean Media (1996)
Gundam - CD Rom game for Bandai Interactive software game (1996)
Oompala - Electronic Sports Trading Cards (1996)
Berkeley Learning Technologies - CD Rom Hoboken (1995)
Accolade - SCES Show, video (1994)
Glaxo, Inc. - New Product Presentation Video (1994)
NSF Industry/University Research Centers - Catalysts for Change (1994)
Port of Oakland - Marketing video (1993, 1997)
General Parametrics - Multimedia demo (1993)
California Parks Union - Informational Video (1992)
Sprint - Interactive Computer Presentation (1992)
Biotime - Promotional video (1992)
Symantec - TimeLine Informational Video and in-house videos (1991)
Apple Computer, Inc. - Consider the Possibilities Marketing Video (1990)
Peerless Lighting Corporation - Health, Work & Light (1990)
Victor Spiegel Music 2
Film • Video • Multimedia • (02) 4758-9085 • email
California State Auto Association - In-House sales training Video (1990, 91)
Lockheed Missiles & Space - Promotional video (1990)
WATG - International architectural slide presentation
Oakland Museum - Laserdisk informational station, History Exhibit (1990)
Claris Interactive Demo - Computer software demonstration (1990)
Man and Superman - (Shaw) Directed by Irene Lewis. Berkeley Repertory Theater (1990)
The Misanthrope - (Moliere) Directed by Irene Lewis. Berkeley Repertory Theater (1989)
Julius Caesar - (Shakespeare) Directed by Oskar Eustis. Berkeley Shakespeare Festival (1988)
The Normal Heart - Berkeley Repertory Theater (1985)
Film & Documentaries
Laura of My Dreams – short Terry Lamb (2004)
Widow Maker – short 2004
Making David – Independent Film short, Echuta Productions (2002)
Dig That Rex! - Video about discovery and reconstruction T Rex fossil for McDonald’s (1998)
Beyond Awareness - Documentary. Produced by Avalon Media & Marin Abused Women’s Services (1995)
Sacred Art of Tibet - Documentary. Produced by Access Video (1991)
Incentive Scholarships - University of California, Berkeley (1992, 93, 94, 95
Distinguished Teaching Awards - University of California, Berkeley (1992, 93, 94, 95, 96)
English Language Program - University of California, Berkeley (1991)
People of the Klamath - Documentary. Produced by Jim Culp (1989)
Preparing for the 21st Century - Documentary. Directed by Ian Thiermann. Educational Film & Video Project (1988)
View from the Shuttle - Addison-Wesley , produced by McLean Media (1994)
Dolls - Feature film. Directed by Stuart Gordon. Empire Pictures (1987)
Television & Radio
Time Capsule – KTVU 1 hour documentary of the last century
Digital Equipment Corporation - Radio commercial (1992)
University of California Art Museum - PSA for TV- Anxious Art Exhibit (1990) PSA for TV - The Art of
Terezin (1992)
Medallion Rug Gallery - Commercial, TV & Radio (1990)
Muscle Building With Karen Andes - Commercial Videos (1989, 92)
Hawaiian Eye Care Center - Robert Talent & Partners Agency. TV Commercial (1992, 95)
University of California Extension - TV Commercial (1989), Video Logo (1994)
The Microwave Master - Produced by KQED-TV, Theme Music (1988)
Four Dances - Produced by KQED-TV (1985)
Antarctica: The Last Frontier - Nova Science Series, PBS, WGBH-TV (1982)
Speaking of Music - Radio Series Theme, KPFA-FM, Berkeley (1985)
Difference Tones - Radio Series Theme KPFA-FM, Berkeley (1992)
Three by Three, & The Red Snow Suit - Choreography by Randee Paufvre (1997-98)
Singing Myself a Lullaby - John Henry solo dance, Arizona, San Francisco, video (1995)
Music for over 100 Audio Tour Tapes (1988 - present)
Water Workout - Produced by Excel Sports (1993), with Karen Andes
The Healing - Choreographer Ellen Bromberg(1993)
Victor Spiegel Music 3
Film • Video • Multimedia • (02) 4758-9085 • email
Music Director - Berkeley Shakespeare Festival (1988); Deer Rose (1986)
Giants of the Sun - Morrison Planetarium, Academy of Sciences (1987)

Audio Tour Tapes
Each tour tape is musically interpreted for each object (painting, sculpture, building), timed with narration, and
composed in the appropriate ensemble, period and style.
A Gift to America: Masterpieces of European Painting from the Samuel H. Kress Collection - North Carolina Museum of
Art (1994)
Abstraction in Question - Fine Arts Museum of Miami (1989)
Alexander the Great - Narrated by Patrick Stewart Florida International Museum (1996)
American Discovery of Egypt - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1995) and Houston Museum of Art (1996)
American Impressionism - Denver Art Museum (1994)
Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci - (1992)
Ancient Americas: The Art of Sacred Landscapes - Narrated by Raul Julia, Chicago Museum of Art (1992)
Andrew Wyeth: Southeastern Collections - Jacksonville Art Museum (1992)
Angel Island Tour - The Angel Island Company (1994)
Art & Empire: Treasures from Assyria in the British Museum (1995)
Art Walk: A Moving Experience - St. Louis Art Museum (1991)
Aztec: The World of Moctezuma - Narrated by Edward James Olmos, Denver Museum of Natural History (1992)
Bay Model - Sausalito, California (1989)
Bayou Bend - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1994)
Beyond the Java Sea: Art of Indonesia’s Outer Islands - San Francisco Art Museum (1991)
Caillebotte - Chicago Art Institute (1995)
Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico (1996)
Catherine the Great - Narrated by Lauren Bacall, Memphis International Cultural Center (1991)
Chagall - Los Angeles County Art Museum (1996)
Chicago Botanical Garden - (1991)
Chicago’s Dream: A World’s Treasure - Chicago Art Institute (1993)
Colombia - Museum of Mexico City (1994)
Corot To Monet: The Rise of Landscape Painting in France - Dallas Museum of Art (1991)
Degas - Art Institute of Chicago (1996)
Degas Landscapes - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1994)
Degas to Matisse: The Wertheimer Collection - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1993)
Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization - Memphis Museum of Art (1992)
Fauve Landscape - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1990)
Frank Lloyd Wright: In the Realm of Ideas - Marin Center Exhibit Hall & Scottsdale Arizona (1990-91)
Gates of Mystery - Brooks Museum, Memphis (1993)
Gauiguin and the School of Pont-Aven - Indianapolis Museum of Art (1994)
Geometric Abstraction- Fine Arts Museum of Miami (1989)
Georgia O Keeffe, 1887-1986- Los Angeles County Art Museum (1989)
Golden Age: Art and Society in Hungary 1896-1914 - Fine Arts Museum of Miami (1990)
Golden Gate Discovery Tour - Narrated by Scott Beach, Golden Gate National Park (1991)
Great Smoky Mountains Newfound Gap Driving Tour - Virginia. (1992)
Highlights of the Permanent Collection - St. Louis Art Museum (1993)
Holograms: Images In Time And Space- San Jose & Fisherman's Wharf (1988, 89)
Howard Brothers Circus Tour - Knoxville Museum of Art (1992)
Hunt-Phelan House - Memphis (1996)
Imperial Austria: Treasures of Art, Arms and Armor from the State of Styria - Fine Arts Museum of Houston (1993)
Impressions of France: Monet, Renoir, & their Rivals - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1995)
John James Audubon: The Watercolors for the Birds of America - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1994)
Victor Spiegel Music 4
Film • Video • Multimedia • (02) 4758-9085 • email
J. Paul Getty Museum of Art - Los Angeles (1998)
Latin America: Art of the Fantastic - Fine Arts Museum of Miami (1988)
Life Through Time - California Academy of Sciences (1992)
Matisse - High Museum of Art, Atlanta (1996)
Meet Me At the Old Courthouse - Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. Louis (1994)
Mexican Modernism - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1996)
Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries - Narrated by Edward James Olmos, Los Angles County Museum of Art (1992)
Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan - Denver Art Museum (1995)
Moscow: Treasures and Traditions - Narrated by Meryl Streep. Seattle Museum of Art (1990)
Motorola Museum of Electronics Audio Tour - (1992)
My Point of View: Moneta Sleet, Jr. - St. Louis Art Museum (1993)
Napoleon - Memphis Cook Convention Center (1993)
Newseum - Washington, D.C. narrated by Susan Stamberg (1996)
New York American Museum of Natural History Permanent Exhibit (1994)
Odilon Redon: Prince of Dreams - Chicago Art Institute (1994)
Operation Rescue: Varian Fry - Holocaust Museum, Washington, D.C. (1993)
Painters of the Great Ming Imperial Court and the Zhe School - Dallas Museum of Art (1993)
Path to Enlightenment: Travels of the Buddha - Kimball Art Museum (1996)
Phantom Canyon Driving Tour - (1996)
Picasso and the Weeping Women - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1994)
Royal Tombs of Sipan - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Narrated by Leonard Nimoy (1994)
San Diego Gaslight Tour - (1993)
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Permanent Exhibit (1994)
Sculpture of Indonesia - San Francisco Asian Art Museum (1992)
Seattle Museum: Near East Section - CD Rom (1994)
Smithsonian - National Air & Space Museum (1996)
Splendors of the Ottoman Sultans - Narrated by James Earl Jones, Memphis Cultural Museum (1992)
Tomb of Tutankhamun - Temple of Luxor, Las Vegas (1994)
Treasures of the Czars - Narrated by Cliff Robertson, Florida International Museum (1995)
Treasures of St. Petersburg - Narrated by Charlton Heston, Rio Hotel, Las Vegas (1998)
Treasures of the First Emperor of China - Narrated by Morgan Freeman Birmingham Museum of Art (1996)
Two Voices: Georgia O’Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz - Houston Museum of Fine Arts (1993)
Underwater World - Pier 39, San Francisco and Mall of the Americas, Minnesota (1996)
Van Gogh to Matisse: Impressionist & Modern Masters from the Cone Collection - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1993)
Vatican Treasures: 2000 Years of Art and Culture in the Vatican and Italy - Colorado History Museum (1993)
Vitality of Vision: Hospitality House - Narrated by Danny Glover, Yerba Buena Museum of Art (1994)
William Paley Collection - Seattle Museum of Art (1992)
Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet - Narrated by Richard Gere, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
Yama Mamo- 16th Century Japan - Memphis Museum of Art (1996)