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We All Want To

A band of five people from very different musical backgrounds; indie rock, folk, drone and noisy pop - WE ALL WANT TO present their debut self titled album. A broad range of sounds, songwriting styles and voices feature on this eclectic release.

• Tim Steward - he is from Screamfeeder and loves cheese
• Dan McNaulty - he is from The Narcotics and loves shoegaze
• Paul Daly - he is from Nerang and loves ciggers
• Skye Staniford - she is from the stars and loves love
• Todd Hutchinson - he is from Adelaide and loves to hate jazz

• Spent 6 months not deciding on a band name, then named the band after someone misheard something someone else said in a noisy restaurant one night.
• Spent over a year recording their debut album in lots of different studios because it would be fun and varied. It wasn't, it was expensive and long winded.
• Are very prolific, writing more songs then they have time to learn.
• Have a second album of material ready to record already.
• Can all play most of the instruments in the band, badly. Can play their own instruments sufficiently.
• Couldn't think of an album title, so it's self titled.

Tim put the band together over 2008 and 2009, and they released their debut EP Back To The Car in 2009. The band toured and spent the next year recording their debut album.

Produced by some of the country’s greats: Magoo, Wayne Connolly, Jamie Trevaskis, Darek Mudge and Bryce Moorhead, the album is a concise and varied slice of the band’s awesome repertoire.

Lead single A La Mode is a studio jam written and performed by Skye, which the band have turned into a live epic.

Starting out as the live incarnation for his recent solo project, they five piece have consolidated their strengths into a single unit and recorded an EP under the name We All Want To.. ..The whole thing shimmers and the band, whose mean age is probably mid-30s still sound young and excited; self-assured and brimming with kinetic energy … As a lead track on a debut release, though, ‘Back To The Car’ is a perfect choice - it races out and hits the listener with their strongest hand and defines their sound and intention. Not only do you know what WAWT will sound like, you know it will be pretty damn good.
TheVine - 2009

There’s some great indie rock singer songwriters around the world who quietly go about their business, plugging away making great music year after, without the riches of mass mainstream acceptance as a reward. Ohio has Robert Pollard, North Carolina has Superchunk’s Mac McGaughan and Queensland has Tim Steward. His new outfit We All Want To delivers another four tracks of the kind of hook laden, lyrically subtle, quiet brilliance that we’ve all come to take for granted.
Single of the week - Time Off - 2009