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Hip-Hop/Rap: Spiritual Rap Moods: Christian Blues: Blues Gospel

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United States - Texas

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Weeping Sons


CHASE - Lead Vocalist/Lyricist; based out of the Eastern Pennsylvania, area; Master's degree from Evangelical Seminary of Myerstown, PA; World Missionary to Namibia, Africa - ; musician since age 16, Chase has shared the stage with Reggie Dabbs and bands such as Pillar, Seventh Day Slumber, House of Heroes, Cross Movement, John Reuben, Andy Hunter, Matt Goss Band, and many more.

DAVID LUCAS - Guitarist/Vocalist/Producer-Engineer; based out of Austin, Texas; Owner-Operator of Downriver Productions; musician since age 12, David has become well versed in the areas of Blues and Rock music and produced several original projects.

JOHN HOEGG - Bassist; based out of Buffalo, New York; currently attending Virginia Baptist College; musician since age 14, John has supported and participated in various original music projects and has worked with Chase and David, several times throughout past years.