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Wizards of Boat

We're from the unfathomable future.

We were once one man. A scientist named Doctor Professor (both common names and surnames in the future) who experimented with self division and its productive repercussions on scientific work. The results were splendid. Two men; one artistic the other methodical and precise. With this division both halves of the brain began working at 50% of their potential, when before the two were competing to think and the whole brain was working at 50%.

After we started being smarter we realized that the best way to make a difference is to do it in the past. Understanding time travel we figured that the safest way to do this would be to travel back to before our recorded history. Our first few trips had us nearly incinerated, frozen, and drowned respectively, luckily though we had installed failsafes to prevent permanent deceasement.

The difference we make is with what you call music. Some things may sound weird or crude to primitive ears, but through practice and maturation you can train yourself to appreciate that which is difficult to understand. You have good work ahead of you.