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"Wu Wei" Chantylao

The Wu Wei is a philosophy a way of life a way of looking into the darkness and spreading light into a world filled with devastation, poverty, disease, and death. The Wu is a part of the first generation of refugee babies born in America. Living a life stricken by war, abuse, sex, drugs, and Hip Hop. Also known by the Alias of Chantylao living by the codes of the street. Power at all cost searching endlessly for his demise and his final resting days. Without hope without fear and without love within his heart Chanty would be a heir to the streets a menace that was uncontrollable and unstoppable. Never one to fear death he would stare into its gloomy eyes grab hold onto its cold clutches. Taking death by the hands Chantylao became the Wu and breaths life into a world of darkness. With a heart a gold to rage his battle The Wu remains a fighter a warrior with a vision a dream a goal to forever alter the course of time and bring peace to the hearts of so many that know the pain within the heart of Wu. During his teen years it was said that he harbored demons an uncontrollable urge for death and destruction. Surrounded by violence and with darkness seeping into his heart. He remained a golden child, a shining serpent loyal and dedicated to his cause. The battle within himself raged on battle after battle fight after fight. Then at the end of his journey homeless cold alone a strength came to him in a vision. Alone on a winter park with a hand on the ground and his words to the sky. I return my soul from where it came I live as only a shell of man if I survive through this night as the Earth is my witness I will change the course of my life and I will dedicate my life my soul to the world itself and correct the wrongs committed against himself and the soul that he abandoned.

To win this battle The Wu found comfort in music and philanthropy. Entrusting his listeners to become a part of his cause he continues to rage battle against his personal demons and those that still plague this Earth. With a heart of gold a heart of love a divine mind and an unstoppable will. The Wu moves forward to correct the wrongs done by force to him and those surrounding him. To his country where his family originated a country much like him destroyed by war. Sickened by life and filled with sorrow and struggle but Wu will never give up never back down until both he and his heart his love for the land that time forgot is remembered once again. To save the children of the world and to rewrite their pages so when the next generation comes to age they will have the spirit of Wu within them. Their minds will have the teachings of what the Wu has to offer. They will be educated and guided by a loving heart unconditional beyond every means. I am a martyr for my people a dead man walking with my head held high. Today is a good day to die it's an even greater day to live.. with three simple words he wants to bring the world into the palm of his hands.

Live, Love, and Laugh

"Great indeed is the sublimity of the Creative, to which all beings owe their beginning and which permeates all heaven." ~ Lao Tzu