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Las Vegas has long been known as a Mecca for sinners, with the emphasis on drinking, gambling and sex… and very little attention paid to the local rock scene. Yeller Bellies are here to change that, offering salvation from the stagnation of music. Meshing the genres of Americana, Rockabilly, Country Trash, Garage and Blues, they have quickly made a name for themselves due to their dynamic live shows and strong songwriting. A Yeller Bellies show is a rite of passage. The death rattle of modern radio is drowned out by the bombast of upright and drums, with the Gretch as an anchor.
Rob ‘Yeller’ Bell heads this menagerie of miscreants. He is the ringleader, weaving tales of the wronged and the wretched into haunting melodies. Years playing bluegrass whet his appetite for a rawer, revitalizing sound. Playing the mandolin like he’s beating a dead, miniature pony, he howls through his songs like a fire and brimstone preacher.
Guitar sounding like the buzz saws from the hills he hails from, Joel ‘El Guante’ Hillhouse moved from the Ozarks only to be corrupted by the degradation of Sin City. Lost to the grit of the punk scene, it was blues and rock that shaped his playing. His saving grace was finding shelter in the Americana music of the Yeller Bellies, and then distortin’ the hell out of it. A rip roarin’ hellfire breather, Joel’s playing serves as a devilish punch to their roots-rawk.
Mitch Potter is a tub-thumpin’, slappin’ monster, still fighting the restraining order filed against him from his previous upright. Thankfully, his techniques have not been tamed, and his new bass is game to his nightly assault on the low end. His backing vocals and country bumps consistently hit that sweet spot, right between the f-holes.
Jimmy Krah, as the newest member of the Yeller Bellies, is the driving force behind the drum kit. His background in blues, metal and good old rock n’ roll fuels the fire, whipping the rhythm section into a full-on frenzy. He makes the women scream, the little girls cry, and maintains a damn fine head of hair.
The Yeller Bellies birthed in December of 2006, riding the ranks of the local pub scene. Within their short existence, they have shared the stage with such diverse acts as The Koffin Kats, Jesse Dayton, Soda and His Pawn Shop Three, and Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers. Their songs are familiar as an old friend, yet dangerous and exciting as a new lover. They WILL restore your faith and passion for music. And they just might save your soul…if they don’t pawn it to pay off old debts first.