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Young Yewwie

My name is YewAur Roberson, pronounced (You Are) I was born in Houston Texas, June 14th 1982. I, like many others, was born into an unfortunate situation. The son of a womanizing pimp, I had a disillusioned notion of what a real childhood, and even true respect for women was.
At age 5, I witnessed my half-brother beaten to death in front of me by my father. Needless to say, I suffered psychological/emotional damage from that point on. About a year after the death of my brother, due to my fathers many illegal activities, I ended up becoming "Ward of the State" of California. I spent the next three and a half years of my life in various group and foster homes. Suffering physical and psychological abuse. I was administered drugs for my ADHD, which I say was me just acting out.
My grandparents in Cleveland were completely unaware of me and my siblings births. As soon as they found out they had grandkids, they fought for custody of all of us (including one half sister). Being flown to Cleveland Ohio, in 1990, began what I describe as "a real education".
My grandparents attempted to shelter me/us from the Cleveland streets by enrolling us in Catholic Schools, Self-Defense Classes, and Art Academies. This is what "most likely saved my life". The sheltered life only lasted so long, the lure of the streets, like many others before me, called and caught me up. It wasnt even like I had to choose that lifestyle, I was just curious. Cleveland being one of the most undereducated and violent populations in the nation, taught hard knock lessons immediately. After years of running around with different wild-heads and doing various activities that shouldve landed me jailed or murdered, (all the while I was writing and reciting) I decided to Join the United States Army. That decision was one of the turning points in my life as far as different people from all walks of life complimenting me on my art and making me realize I had something.
After my service to the county, I was released and came back to Cleveland. I purchased pistols while I was in the military and as soon as I came home, within a month, I caught my first felony. I got sentenced to three years in Richland Correctional Institution, and decided to dedicate my life to The Music/Writing. I had to do a year mandatory for the pistol and did an additional 11 months on top of that . "Do It Like This" is the product of that two year stint. It was all of my dreams, hopes, fears, and expectations bottled up and put on paper. Im sure you will not be disappointed. Im free plan on staying free and making much, much more music!