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One of the most significant and recognizable artists of the former Soviet émigré community in NY, Yuhan Benjamin, combines in his music the many dazzling components that add up to produce an unprecedented creative outcome. A strong, arresting tenor, a dramatic stage presence, and a rich, across-the-board musicality – all these factors work together, engendering his artistic originality and irresistible appeal. In his music, Mr. Benjamin taps deeply into his international cultural roots (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) to weave together the unique sound and enticing stage drama of his artistic persona.

In the course of the past several years Yuhan Benjamin’s artistic career took an impressive turns.

Here are the facts:

2008 – March 15, first annual music festival of world music, Golden Ilyas.

2007 –Yuhan’s third album, is released on Ultra Records, eventually selling sixty five thousand copies, nationwide, through stores and online.

2007 – “Hola, Hola,” a single from the above mentioned album, becomes an International hit, selling over 110 thousand, worldwide.

2007 – Yuhan gives over 200 live performances worldwide. (His annual number of performances has deviated from 150 to 200, over the past 12 years.)

2007 – Yuhan does over 30 guest performances on radio and TV, in New York and nationwide.

2007 – Yuhan’s Russian-language hit, “My Mother is Samarkand,” generates 70 thousand downloads from iTunes.

2007 – “Rock Me,” another single from “Love Never Dies,” (no relation to a famous Queen single) generated 50 thousand downloads, from iTunes and other online resources.

2007 – “Hola, Hola,” an International hit, generated 50 thousand downloads, from iTunes and other online resources.

2007 – “Hola, Hola,” an International hit, as an original, and as a dance mix, was heavily rotated by influential DJs at important Manhattan night clubs, including DJ Boris, at Crobar, New York.

2007 – Yuhan started to work, as an actor, with a famous director, Aaron Sadovsky (“Home Alone,” with McCauley Culkin; “Ghost,” with Demi Moore) on a video project based on Yuhan’s song.

2006 – Yuhan was interviewed and profiled by NY1 – New-York News TV Channel

2006 – Yuhan did over 30 guest performances on radio and TV

2006 – Yuhan’s solo performance for 2.000 fans at New York’s famous Roxy club (a vanue favored by the likes of J.Z. and Linkin Park).

2006 – Yuhan’s joined performance, with the French superstar, Ingrid, for 1.000 fans, at New York’s famous Supper Club.

Born in 1963 in Tashkent, the Capital city of Uzbekistan where international cultural blending is especially pronounced. His father named the newborn “Yuhan,” which, in Farsi, means “Peacemaker”

Yuhan studied music all his life, since the age of nine. He expertly plays guitar, keyboards, violin, drums, and an array of percussion and woodwind ethnic instruments from many different cultures.

Yuhan’s early musical influences include:
- “mugam,” a Middle-Eastern music style based on multiple clarinets;
- traditional 6/8 dance rhythms for “doyra” drums;
- flamenco;
- Italian romantic songs;
- Russian folk songs
- Turkish folk songs

By the age of eleven, Yuhan first encountered modern pop sound: “The Beatles” followed by Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Gino Vanelli, Billy Joel, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, and UFO. The new sound would captivate the boy’s imagination completely. He tirelessly studies pop/rock guitar and other instruments, in addition to standard training in classical piano and violin.

Yuhan completed studies at the renowned Tashkent Conservatory, where he studied in 1980-1986.

By the age of twenty-one, Yuhan had already toured most Southeastern Soviet Republics. He appeared on local and nationwide radio and television. By then, he gained a rare experience of successfully performing before culturally diverse audiences by combining styles of music and performance techniques appealing to people of strikingly different backgrounds.

Arriving in New York in 1991, Yuhan started establishing a large following by touring with an incredible hand-picked band of diverse and avid musicians. Their live shows have been warmly welcomed by audiences in Germany, France, England, India, Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and all across the US, as well as back in Uzbekistan. Art ...ignite the spirit… and send you dancing...