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Zach Puchkors

in the begginning there was good guys and bad guys...and girls who wanted to play house.
simple choices, warm pool or cold splashing pool? this swing or that? (family splits apart, pets die, and our hero is left with greater choices) girls become the new cool. good guys and bad guys unite in sports. kool is used as a supplement to the new cool. phonecalls and broken hearts. different various suck outfits. loud music. marching marching marching marching insecure ants headed swiftly to the fire...

Then, it changes...

Our hero has discovered his voice, still covered in bruises, cuts, and scars his progress is overwelming. People take notice. his ego grows. sure there are those that resent him, (he resents himself) but the majority approach his handmade action figure-super soaker levitating {{this broadcast has been interupted for purposeless people preaching success, and yes, you can be one of them for just 3 easy payments... chin up, back straight, knowledge is power!}} with a surplus of neutron atoms.