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The group Zweistein was founded and produced by Suzanne Doucet, aka Jaques Dorian in Germany 1970. Members of the group for the LP project was Suzanne Doucet, aka Jaques Dorian with her half sister Diane and sound engineer Peter Kramper. For the single project they were joined by Christian Bruhn and a few other friends in Munich.

At the time (1969/1970) Suzanne was kind of fed up with the entire music industry, which was only interested in formula entertainment and not interested in real creative art. Since she was a child her only interest was real art! Paintings, music, poems, literature, Theater, film, photography and technology that could be used to create new artforms was in Suzanne's field of interest.

Suzanne wanted to break free from all restrictions, rules, concepts, etc. Like modern painters and film makers, she wanted to create "Avant-Garde Music," musique concrete, modern art in pop music, she had a vision of Sound Collages and Sound Paintings.

With her sister Diane, who had the "ears" to listen and heard music in a very conscious and mind opening way, she was able to record music she normally would not have paid attention to. Suzanne recalls: "When I would play for myself she said, Suzanne you should record this and - we did - I incorporated her in many ways in the creative process of a period of about 3-4 months, where we traveled a lot and recorded just everywhere - sound - music in non tradional ways, street noises, carnevals, children playing, people whispering and praying inside the Haradshin Cathedral of Prague and so on..."

They took their recordings to a studio and together with well known sound engineer Peter Kramper created the masters for TRIP, FLIP OUT and MEDITATION which was signed and released as ZWEISTEIN in 1970 by PHILIPS, Germany.

Suzanne Doucet comments: "The reason why my name does not appear on the LPs and I invented the group ZWEISTEIN was mainly that nobody could have imagined that I would do something like this. You know how people are, labeling and categorizing ... I was a well established Pop Star at the time and wanted the public to be able to experience something like ZWEISTEIN without a "concept" in their head of a german pop singer."

"George Harrison was one of the first people to receive a copy of all 3 albums of ZWEISTEIN, which we delivered to him in England, where he lived in his "castle" close to London. We hung out in his estate for 24 hours with the most incredible people (friends of George) and played ZWEISTEIN all night! (But that is a different story)."