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An e-motional story

Since I'm amazed by music, I spent 1,5 years in music school starting in 1995 learning to play the piano and I enjoyed a classical vocal coaching in 2002 and 2004. I play the piano since 1991, the guitar since 1995 and I sing since 1999.

During these years I recorded several CD's at home - e-motions „Unplugged“, e-motions „...meets the classical Piano“, e-motions „Another Way“, e-motions „Free“, e-motions „Sense“, e-motions "Darum" and my newest masterpiece "Change".

I played in the band Alsion from 1999 until 2001 and worked with these guys. I played the keys, was the background singer and wrote 90% of the band's songs.

Since june 2007 a new phase started. I started working with midi and built up my own homestudio. The album "Change" is the first result of this improvement of hardware. And there's surely more to come in the near future.

Music has always been a major thing in my life. All the important things that happened were always affected by music. Who listens to my music will soon realize what I mean. Everything I experience and I go through is mirrored within my songs.

Friends that know and love my music always get into a melancholic and reflective mood when I sit at my piano and play some songs for them.

My music sort of flies to me - no matter if I sit on a train, lay in a hotel room reading a book or during a walk...the situations couldn't be different - important is that I get a trigger that gets me to take a piece of paper, a pen and to start writing.

Evertime I write a new song it is a part of me that I bring down. and all this is what I want to share with you guys!

The first contact
As you can see on the photo below, I started early playing an instrument. ;-)

In fact - I was only 2 years old when this photography was taken by my parents. This was the instrument I started to study and play later.

I'm not sure because it's hard to remember - but I think that even as a baby music was always something that fascinated me. Sitting on my mothers lap and playing this instrument by letting her guide my hands was always something special. Thanks mom - you made all this happen!

Piano Lessons
My mother was the first one to teach me how to play an instrument with keys.

Before I even knew about sheets she taught me how to play a song by just hearing it. I think this was an amazing lesson cause it trained my ear at a very early stage. So I put on the radio and tried to play along the songs I liked...really funny but effective. Today I'm still able to play a song that I just heared once...

Music at school
Fascinated by my music teacher and his ability to play the piano I took the decision to learn to play the piano.
I can still remember it like it was yesterday: During a break I went to his desk and I asked him to teach me to play the piano. And guess what - he said "Yes!"!

So this was the year when I started to learn how to play the piano during my free hours at school...we played things like "Let It Be", "Obladi Oblada" or "Pour Elise".

A new direction
This year a great thing happened. I got in touch with the singer of the band Alsion and visited a rehearsal. I was so excited - I always dreamt of being part of a band and now I had the chance to watch people make music and maybe participate if I liked it.

In fact - I gained a completely new insight into the Metal genre and told the guys I wanted to step-in as keyboarder.

To be accepted as band member I had to write two songs and present them the week after. God - I had never written a song before and never thought about preseting a song (playing AND singing) in front of people. But - I made it and wrote to songs with the title "This Is A Story" and "I Will Try". On saturday everybody came to the rehearsal room and was quite curious what I had prepared.

I started to perform and to sing and after the song was over they looked at me like they had never heared something like it before...and I could join the band!

The first gig
This year we were finally ready to perform live and it was a thrill. We couldn't really wait for the first time being on stage. In fact - we had several gigs in 2000 which were amazing.

This was the moment where I knew where I belong to: On a stage!

In 2001 I had to leave my band because I was moving to Magdeburg to start a new job. The distance was too big and so I decided to start over as a solo artist.

We had a last gig in 2001 which was was terribly emotional and after the show I had to drive back home...a 400 km ride in the middle of the night. The guys had tears in their eyes cause an important member of the band left...but in the mean time this was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Once I settled down in Magdeburg, music got me again. I had to compose and write but I wanted to make something out of it instead of letting my stuff lay around wasted. The project "e-motions" was born and I took all the songs that I wrote and that didn't fit the genre when I was with Alsion and created a new line-up.

Recordings & Coaching
I started to record my stuff - in a very unprofessional way but anyhow very emotional. Just imagine a guy sitting at the piano with the mic inside the instrument recording track by track. This was me and I cannot believe how these old recordings sound...horrible!

From time to time I could borrow a synthesizer from a friend and the recordings became better and better.

As I thought that I should improve my vocals as well, I started to take singing lessons. This helped me a lot in finding my sound and getting the technique right.

Sushi and other asian food
One day in Hamlin I got a call from a friend who asked me if I would like to play a few shows in a new Sushi Restaurant which opened in town.

The opening party was great and in the following months I had the chance to perform on the weekends for the various guests in the restaurant.

The year of weddings
In 2006 I was invited to 4 weddings - quite a huge amount in one year time.

I took the occasion to provide a special gift to the couples - I wrote their very own wedding song and performed it at their ceremony. This was incredibly moving and it was quite hard to play watching all the others breaking out in tears.

In this year I wrote the song "Ja Ich Will" which in english means "Yes I Do".

A huge Change
2007 was a special year to me cause so many beautiful things happened. I was able to get my very own home studio. I could sit down and record everything I wanted whenever I wanted. This gave me the freedom to be creative whenever I was in the mood.

The result was my new album "Change" which I absolutely love. I couldn't even think of the possibilities that would come along and in deed - the songs have become real masterpieces.

2009 was a great year - I met several people around the globe and had the chance to sing with them, make new friends and get creative. In a few weeks my new album "Speechless" will be available as download as a physical CD...finally. I am so very excited about it and I hope that the world will notice it...or at least the people that have been supporting me so much.

2011 was the year of surprises. I released another german single called "Mal Wieder" to enter the competition "Radio Song Contest" again. The second release was the album "What I Am Made Of" which reflected the person I am. It is a masterpiece with many styles and spins you'd never expect in one album.

Late in 2011 I challenged myself to write 7 songs in 7 seven days and "Songwriting Week" was ready. I released the album in February 2012 and it perfectly reflects my facettes. Later that year I released a duet I sang with the amazing Inna Markowa.

2013 is the year of challenges and new horizons. I started off by releasing my new single "Turn Back Time" in March whereafter I took a little creative break to find new inspiration. In July I came up with an idea for the Trevor Project and I wrote a new song and we shot a music video that will be released in August.